39+ Relevant Chainsaw Man Quotes Fans Will Appreciate!

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Chainsaw Man Quotes taken from anime characters:

  • Makima.
  • Himeno.
  • Kobeni Higashiyama.
  • Denji.
  • Power.
  • Aki Hayakawa.
  • Kishibe.
  • Pochita.
  • Reze.

Chainsaw Man is an anime series the world industry knows about. And one no can deny its influence, popularity, and hype.

For an anime fanbase that often jokes about saying “woof woof” for Makima, the anime has its relevant and meaningful quotes that do more than just entertain.

Here’s a list of the very best!

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Best Chainsaw Man Quotes:


1. Makima Quotes

“Only answer with “Yes” or “Woof”, I don’t need a dog who says “No”. – Makima


“All devils are born with a name. The more that name is feared, the more powerful the devil itself.” – Makima


“The necessary evil you speak of, is just an excuse to justify the evil things you do. Society has no need for that excuse.” – Makima


“We’ll be working together until death do us apart.” – Makima


“Naughty things feel better the more you know your partner.” – Makima


2. Pochita Quotes

“I’ll give you my heart, in exchange.. show me your dreams.” – Pochita


3. Kobeni Higashiyama Quotes

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m going to quit, so please don’t kill me!” – Kobeni Higashiyama


“I can’t take it anymore… doing a job like this makes you crazy.” – Kobeni Higashiyama


“I wanted to go to college too. But I’m gonna die here!” – Kobeni Higashiyama


4. Denji Quotes

“Maybe I became a devil hunter for a really shallow reason, but I’m willing to die to keep living like this.” – Denji


“Did I lose my humanity when I lost my heart?” – Denji


“I want you to live a normal life and die a normal death. Make my dreams come true for me!” – Denji


“Of all the women I know! Every single one of them tried to kill me!” – Denji


“What, the old man never taught you? The prey must never trust what a hunter says!” – Denji


“I’ll save you..so you save me. I don’t wanna die either.” – Denji


“If i rip you apart then that makes your dream worth less than touching boobs!” – Denji


“I’m gonna take stuff just as seriously as you. So you can count on me bigtime.” – Denji


“If there are devils I could be friends with, then yeah, I do cuz I don’t have any friends.” – Denji


“If dreams do come true, I wanna hug a girl before I die.” – Denji


5. Power Quotes

“This deceiver told me to do it! Devils can’t lie! Only humans lie!” – Power


“I can’t believe you took my story for truth. Humans really are foolish.” – Power


“Bow before me, human! My name is Power!” – Power


“Human! Hurry up and let me kill something! I thirst for blood!” – Power


“Denji, watch this! And tell the world… that Power is the strongest there is!” – Power


“I hate humans! Not because they did anything to me. It’s like a devil instinct. I just do.” – Power


6. Aki Hayakawa Quotes

“It is true that the son of a bitch is a troublemaker… and nobody would be affected if he left. But he seeks to kill the Gun Devil… I can’t kill the Gun Devil by myself… To kill him… I’ll need the help of all the capable Devil Hunters I can to face him. Even if my life is shortened… I won’t let Denji get killed!” – Aki Hayakawa


“Enemies are enemies… we’re only using them. I have no intention of getting friendly with one.” – Aki Hayakawa


“Both the new hunters I think are strong and the one’s I don’t end up either dead or moving to the civilian sector.” – Aki Hayakawa


“The one who killed my family and the one who killed my buddy are still alive. So what would I be quitting for?” – Aki Hayakawa


“If I can kill the guy I want to kill then I don’t care what happens next.” – Aki Hayakawa


“I’ve had enough of watching people die in front of my eyes.” – Aki Hayakawa


“Even if it shortens my life… I’m not letting you kill Denji!” – Aki Hayakawa


7. Kishibe Quotes

“I’m the strongest devil hunter. So any devil that could beat me must be the strongest.” – Kishibe


“You know, the devil hunters that devils are scared of are the ones with the most screws loose.” – Kishibe


8. Himeno Quotes

“It’s so great having an addiction. In this life, you need something to take the edge off.” – Himeno


“You’re my sixth buddy, the others are all dead. They all died because they were useless nobodies.” – Himeno


“It must be nice having someone care enough to cry over you.” – Himeno


“Don’t die Aki…I want you to cry for me when I die.” – Himeno


9. Reze Quotes

“I’ll teach you! The things you don’t know or can’t do. I’ll teach you everything.” – Reze



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