9+ Of The Most Similar Anime Characters Like Makima (Chainsaw Man)

makima chainsaw man wallpaper sinister

Makima has become one of the most simped over anime characters in recent history. This was obvious before the anime came about since the manga‘s fanbase is massive.

For some looking from the outside, it makes no sense, but fans do it anyway.

Makima’s character is relevant now more than ever, and that’s why I thought I’d do a list of anime characters similar to Makima as far as characteristics, personality, role, design, behaviour, and so on.

So let’s talk about it.


Similar anime characters to Makima:


1. Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

esdeath chain slave akame ga kill

Esdeath’s backstory explains her sadistic nature in the anime, and why she’s so thirsty for blood, violence, war, and conquering other people. Or her desire to fight strong opponents.

This isn’t what connects her to Makima as a character, it’s her whole vibe, how she treats other Men in particular, and her persona to a degree.

Both Makima and Esdeath are also cunning, strong, feared, and attractive which they have no issue with taking advantage of.


2. Rin Kashii (Battle Game In 5 Seconds)

Rin Kashii battle game anime

Rin Kashi is one of the characters from Battle Game In 5 SecondsAn anime that aired back in 2021.

She gives Ara Ara types of vibes on the surface, and often seems laid back and unphased by a lot of things. What’s not so obvious is how cunning, dangerous, and devious she is.

She’s also much stronger than she lets on with an air of mystique about her (the latter just like Makima).


3. Eleanor Charlet (Rokudenashi)

Eleanor Charlet rokudenashi akashic records

Akashic Records Of Batsrad Magic Instructor – this is the name of this anime in English. And Eleanor is one of the maids of the series.

She seems nice, kind, and unassuming for the most part. It’s not until the anime progresses that you slowly see her darker side as more gets revealed, and she plays a MUCH bigger role in the franchise than it appears.

When more seasons get published, we should see more progress from her character’s involvement and the group “researchers of divine wisdom”.


4. Balalalika (Black Lagoon)

Balalaika black lagoon russian

Balalaika is a Russian anime character. She has a militant background, making her seem like a cliche in this sense. But she’s actually a good and well-written character in the Black Lagoon series.

Though she looks more so-called threatening than Makima on the surface, they’re both savage in their own series and generally aren’t to be messed with as female characters.

Even Revy Rebecca, one of the so-called “crazy” characters is careful around Balalaika, mostly because of her power and influence.


5. Norn (Redo Of Healer)

norn redo healer planning smirking

Norn is a strategist in the anime Redo Of Healer. She’s also the smarter younger sister of Flare and one who’s even more dangerous despite her cuter looks.

Aside from her intelligence, there are definite crossovers between her and Makima, but not as close as others on this list.

Like Makima, she also has a man slave, but the main difference is she abuses this man and he has no right to refuse unless he’s ready to die. But I guess that reflects Denji’s position in the Chainsaw Man series.


6. Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

Koko Hekmatyar vilains

Koko is one of my favourite anime characters of all time. She’s the leader of a bunch of bodyguards who are ex-military soldiers, she’s a millionaire arms dealer, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone.

In a strange sense she’s a villain but not so much given the dangerous world she lives in where others are just as bad.

One difference between her and Makiam is how much more fun and energetic she is, but this shouldn’t be mistaken for what she’s capable of.


7. Elsa Granhiert (Re:Zero)

Elsa Granhiert bowel hunter

Just like Makima, Elsa is an unassuming anime character. You can’t figure out what she’s thinking, what she’s up to, or what her next move is gonna be.

Her eyes are cold and blank just like Makima’s eyes. And she’s just as dangerous in the context of each series.

Let’s not forget her good looks and beauty which is on her side (a thing she’ll take advantage of without shame).


8. Flare (Redo Of Healer)

Flare redo of healer devious

Flare is the most like Makima out of the sisters in Redo Of Healer. She’s unassuming, seemingly nice, kind, gentle, and gorgeous. All traits she takes full advantage of.

In the dark, she gets up to no good and is much more evil and savage than Makima could hope to be in comparison. But they both share traits and similarities regardless.

In public people are convinced she’s a princess who does good for the kingdom of Jioral.


9. Rachel (Tower Of God)

Rachel tower of god cute e1678621883966

And then there’s Rachel from Tower Of God. The blonde girl who’s “friends” with the main protagonist, and has an unassuming personality + facial expressions.

Rachel has a nice expression, seems to mean well, and can work well with others. Tower Of God fans find out a lot of this is nothing but an image.

She’s a devious character, to say the least.



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