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15+ Of Greatest Football Anime To Watch (Recommended)

Are you a soccer or football fan?

Do you think the characters in the soccer anime have abilities, or could it be realistic?

If you want to watch soccer anime, here is a list for you to look at that you may consider watching one of them if you haven’t.

I hope you were able to find one!


1. Blue Lock

Blue Lock football |

A new anime involving the sport of soccer! Blue Lock summarizes the goal of finding a “star striker” player for the Japanese national team.

Blue Lock is becoming quite popular with just the one season that aired late last year to early this year.

If you love or want to watch soccer, this anime should be the one that you should look into. A second season and a movie might be coming out soon!

Blue Lock series is a good way to get into the anime zone if you haven’t watched anime yet and are looking for a good anime to watch.


2. Shoot! Goal to the Future

Shoot Goal to the Future football |

If you want to binge-watch something that won’t take you the whole day, you should check out this anime: Shoot! Goal to the Future.

A soccer captain and a student at the same high school would meet one day, hoping their soccer team would rejuvenate. The opening song of the anime is actually good to listen to.

The series just aired last year, and even though the rating isn’t that high, this anime might be to your liking. It’s like a slice of life but with soccer involved.


3. Farewell, My Dear Cramer

Farewell My Dear Cramer football anime |

Do you want to watch something different besides guys playing soccer? How about a girl playing soccer? You should look into Farewell, My Dear Cramer, which aired in 2021.

Onda used to play for the boys’ soccer team, but her former coach recommended her to join the girls’ soccer team for high school, and there she goes against one of her rivals.

This anime you can binge watch in one day, and it could have mixed feelings for viewers. It could be either the best or worst soccer anime that one might watch.


4. Clean Freak! Aoyama-Kun

Clean Freak Aoyama Kun football anime |

The anime: Clean Freak! Aoyama-Kun is a bit comedic due to Aoyama’s cleanness. Aoyama-Kun is a student at Fujimi High School and joins the soccer team where the team tries to head to the Nationals.

This soccer anime has everything that one should enjoy: romance, comedy, slice of life, sports…etc.

Even though the anime lacks some things and the rating is still a bit low, it is an anime that one should check out, as it’s only been a few years since it was released.


5. Days

Days anime sport |

The Days anime is about a soccer genius meeting someone who doesn’t have talent, and it is there that the two would meet and would go and play soccer together.

Days is an underrated anime that some anime fans want a second season! It’s good because it isn’t mostly about soccer but the characters as well throughout the season.

The anime is a series that you want more of, but there aren’t any more. The anime song is good to listen to; if you’re a sports fan, you should watch this one.


6. The Knights In The Area

The Knights In The Area series |

One of the soccer anime that a soccer fan should watch! It’s enjoyable as it’s about two brothers: one of them is a talented soccer player while the other isn’t. Their childhood friend comes back, making it more complicated.

You can clearly see why this series is enjoyable.

Even if the anime has been a decade since its release if you love sports or soccer, why not watch this? You might enjoy it once you do.


7. Victory Kickoff

Victory Kickoff football anime |

The anime is about the soccer team called: Momoyama Predators. The soccer team didn’t have enough players, and thus it was disbanded. However, one of the team members is determined to play soccer.

It is there where the main character meets a girl player one day and decides to bring back the soccer team. It’s a good series, and one should watch it as there’s even a life lesson with this.


8. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa football |

It began with an “almost” accident where he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the ball that Tsubasa was playing with that day. Thus Tsubasa always brought out a ball with him.

With that ball, he became a soccer player, and his dream was to compete in FIFA for Japan. Captain Tsubasa started in 1983 all the way up to 2018.

However, there’s news that Captain Tsubasa has not ended and that the final arc will be soon.

This is a series that you should watch, and even though it’s anime and there are some skills and talents that you may or may not see in real life, it’s still an exciting show.


9. Giant Killing

Giant Killing anime series football |

ETU (East Toyko United) has hired a new coach named: Tatsumi. He was a good soccer player years before but abandoned ETU. It’s technically about a devastated soccer team that the directors decided to hire a new manager to improve the team.

The rating online says it’s a good series and is recommended. If you have the time to watch a new series, this series is somewhat different. It’s still about soccer, but it’s on the new manager this time.


10. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven anime football |

Another soccer anime where the soccer team is thinking of being disbanded in the school of: Raimon Middle School.

The main character, Endou, was lucky to find another classmate named Shuuya, who had given up on soccer. So making Endou willing to find players to join the team. The characters do have “abilities” while playing soccer.

If you want something different from real-life soccer or following the rules, I think this soccer anime may be the one, and it is one of the longest soccer anime to watch.


11. Whistle

Whistle anime |

Kazamatsuri Shou goes to a school known as Musashi no Mori Junior High where their soccer team is well known. However, Shou’s skills in soccer are not very good, even though he dreams of becoming a professional player.

Shou has to play hard in the team to be able to be like the other players. It has been more than a decade for this anime, but if you want to watch something more realistic, this anime may be for you.

It’s just that this anime is a bit old to your liking if you don’t like the older anime.


12. Ao Aoashi

Ao Aoashi |

The main character: Aoi, is the star player of his local junior high school team. However, he got removed one day for being violent against another player during a tournament. So Aoi got recruited by another coach, and he’ll try out in Tokyo.

Unlike his junior high school team, Aoi has to push his best as the team has more talent than he does! Just by watching the trailer, this anime looks like a good anime for soccer and anime fans alike.

There’s life lessons in this series, and you’ll understand that it isn’t just about you alone but the rest of the team. The series just debuted last year and is one that you should check out.


13. AI Football GGO

AI Football GGO |

This anime is different, and if you want to watch something different, unlike the other soccer anime that you’ve been watching or looking for one.

This one is about AI Robots that are playing as soccer players after too many injuries from human players. Isaac meets Myth one day, and Myth decides to start a team and tournament to prove his skill.

It is an anime that’s interesting and not one that could be boring. Especially since it is about AI Robots, what better way to watch it in anime?


14. Moero! Top Striker

Moero Top Striker |

Hikaru, the main protagonist, goes and moves to Italy one day, where he decides to play soccer. However, he joins another team where he goes with his female friend, but the team is weaker.

Hikaru’s new team improved their skills, and within time, they were able to defeat one of the strongest teams. In Genova, Hikaru is put to the test with his soccer team!

You might not like this anime because it is old, but I encourage you to watch it and see for yourself that the storyline is interesting. It’s an underrated anime, but maybe you’ll like it!


15. Fantasista Stella

Fantasista Stella |

An OVA is where two soccer players go against each other for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. This OVA is barely a decade old and has three episodes to watch.

You can binge watch this within a day, and you might even like the anime even if it is short! It’s an underrated anime meaning not many know about it. This had potential, but it could have been better.

If you know anything about FIFA, you know that the gameplay is long. But if you don’t care and just want to watch anything about soccer, this one you should look into and enjoy.

Were you able to find something that has either power vs realistic soccer? Or have you noticed that most soccer anime has their soccer team disbanded?

It’s not that much synopsis for you to choose from if you want to watch something different, is there? However, a few soccer anime are quite long for you to watch that you might not be able to binge watch in one go!

I hope you were able to find a series that’s to your liking.



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