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Here’s A List Of The Best Rosario Vampire Quotes You Won’t Forget!

Rosario Vampire anime quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Tsukune Aono.
  • Moko Akashiya.
  • Kurumu Kurono.
  • Mizore Shirayuki.
  • Yukari Sendo.
  • Ruby Tojo.
  • Kokoa Shuzen.
  • Issa Shuzen.
  • Ginei Monoka.

Rosario Vampire is a Harem/Ecchi series with vampires and some romance thrown into the mix,

Ecchi anime in general aren’t the best when it comes to the BEST types of quotes. But Rosario Vampire has some decent quotes worth sharing for anime fans.

Here are the best lines from the anime series:


1. Mizore Shirayuki Quotes

mizore shirayuki quotes |

“We’re not going to let you quit while you’re ahead like this. Because we who you recklessly left behind will be the ones with regrets.” – Mizore Shirayuki


mizore shirayuki quotes 1 |

“I follow him wherever he goes. This feeling…no matter what happens, nothing can change it.” – Mizore Shirayuki


mizore shirayuki quotes 2 |

“Whether you’re a monster or human there’s no difference in the value of someone’s life.” – Mizore Shirayuki


2. Yukari Sendo Quotes

yukari sendo quotes |

“Even if you don’t rush it, I’m sure that you’ll get stronger. It’s alright because I believe in you.” – Yukari Sendo


3. Tsukune Aono Quotes

tsukune aono quotes |

“Until I met you I had nothing. Every day was as empty as the one before, but you changed that. You lit up my days, you gave me a reason to live.” – Tsukune Aono


tsukune aono quotes 1 |

“She’s scared and worried. I bet she’s shaking like a small child… I need to hurry up and go to her side, and be there to comfort her.” – Tsukune Aono


tsukune aono quotes 2 |

“Our differences are what let us understand each other. We’ve worked together to come this far, there are no doubts or regrets anymore. I’ll overcome this fight, and prove that even we can come to an understanding.” – Tsukune Aono


tsukune aono quotes 3 |

“Resent? Of course not. I chose this path myself.” – Tsukune Aono


tsukune aono quotes 4 |

“Humans, Creatures, Really, I don’t care about any of that. Nothing is more important to me than the one I love.” – Tsukune Aono


4. Kurumu Kurono Quotes

kurumu kurono quotes |

“A Succubus is a creature that lives on love. I’d gladly die for love!” – Kurumu Kurono


kurumu kurono quotes 1 |

“I love you, Tsukune. I’ll stay by your side forever and protect you.” – Kurumu Kurono


5. Ginei Murioka Quotes

ginei morioka quotes |

“Justice or not, I’ll mess you up for just putting a hand on my club members!” – Ginei Morioka


6. Ruby Tojo Quotes

ruby tojo quotes |

“I’ve always thought that one day, I would protect the future by your side. And as long as it’s for that purpose, I could lay my life on the line at any moment.” – Ruby Tojo


7. Moka Akashiya Quotes

moka akashiya quotes |

“My intention was to protect them…but I was wrong. All this time, they were the ones protecting me!” – Moka Akashiya


moka akashiya quotes 1 |

“I knew that I mustn’t get closer. Because if I do, I’ll definitely end up hurting them again.” – Moka Akashiya


moka akashiya quotes 2 |

“In the end, all my mother left me was this rosary seal. So that’s why I want to protect this seal. Even if it costs me my freedom.” – Moka Akashiya


moka akashiya quotes 3 |

““I went to a human school up until junior high, but when I was around them, I felt like I would be better off just not existing…But having met you, Tsukune, I don’t feel so alone anymore.” – Moka Akashiya


moka akashiya quotes 4 |

“Ever since the first moment I met you, I loved you… I want to stay here.” – Moka Akashiya


8. Issa Shuzen Quotes

issa shuzen quotes |

“Don’t think that I gave my daughter to you for nothing. Please remember this point.” – Issa Shuzen


9. Kokoa Shuzen Quotes

Kokoa shuzen quotes |

“Hidden inside my admiration of you, an inferiority complex raged inside me… I was miserable and had hated myself for not being able to be like you.” – Kokoa Shuzen


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