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8+ BEST Anime Shows Like The Eminence In Shadow (Recommended)

One anime show airing this season in 2022 is The Eminence In Shadow. It’s not being talked about as much as:

  • Bleach.
  • Chainsaw Man.

Both are taking the majority of attention away from other, well-written and underrated series.

This series is about a guy who lives his life like a game. He plays it like he’s the main character of a game, and ironically he dies this way.

When reincarnated into a new world, he gets to live that fantasy to an extreme, which is why this anime is written like a parody Isekai series with the odd serious, tense, and emotional episodes.

Many of the rest being comedic and entertaining.

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Here’s a list of anime just like The Eminence In Shadow worth watching.


1. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online Kirito Asuna Couple Romance

First, we’ll start with Sword Art Online. The main character of The Eminence In Shadow is clearly influenced by SAO’S Kirito in some way, shape or form. From the hair to the “badassery”.

Sword Art Online starts as a virtual reality game gone wrong, with players trapped inside the game, under the threat of dying in real life if they die in the game’s new rules by Akihito Kaiba (the maker)|.

It later morphs into romance when Kirito meets Asuna, one of the anime’s highlights, and the action plus relatively violent moments witnessed in season 1.

This continues and changes in some aspects in season 2, which season 3’s Alicization being the best the franchise has produced so far.


2. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill Girl Episode 1

You can’t make a list like this without mentioning Akame Ga Kill when recommending similar anime to The Eminence In Shadow.

This series is about assassins called nightraid who are trying to create a revolution along with the people who support them quietly, and the evil capital + government who oppresses people to an extreme.

Poverty is widespread, taxes are practically 100%, people are beheaded for daring to talk about the bad conditions people live in, and much more that’s evil at the highest level.

Expect bloody scenes, violence on another level, sad episodes, and some of the nicest action scenes Shounen have ever made.

Cid in the anime The Eminence In Shadow has his group called Shadow Garden. They, in practice, are similar to Nightraid despite their motivations for hunting down and assassination certain individuals.


3. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated In Another World As An Aristocrat Main Character

The main character is an assassin and a veteran in the game. In fact, the first episode highlights this and shows him in the almost retirement stage. I say almost because his “bosses\2 set him up.

He gets on a plane home, thinking he’ll be free to retire from this life finally, but the plane is purposely blown up to take him out and prevent him from sharing any secrets.

After reincarnation and another chance at life, he thinks for himself instead of being told what to do and being a machine who only knows how to take orders.

He’s still the cold assassin that he always will be, but with slightly more compassion and who is more thoughtful and open to experiences, he couldn’t have had before death.

The MC is also powerful, like Cid in The Eminence In Shadow.


4. Redo Of Healer

Redo Of Healer Keyaru Hood

You know this anime had to be mentioned. It’s the ultimate revenge anime series, and in some ways, you could say edgy, which The Eminence In Shadow also has.

Keyaru, a teenager at the time, is known as a healer because of his magic. After thinking the Jioral Kingdom is on his side, he finds the dark side of the kingdom and its princess called Flare.

He’s enslaved, beaten, r*ped, drugged, gang-banged, abused, and much more to take advantage of his abilities. After finding a way to reverse time, get stronger, and get his revenge, he does exactly that.

On the surface, this is a sick series showing you the dangers of abuse and where it can lead a person as far as the path they take. But on the other hand, from the perspective of the abused, it’s justified.

Either way, expect some action, bloody scenes, savage episodes, and uncomfortable moments alongside some sex scenes and more “positive” snapshots.


5. The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes cover anime |

Not an anime being recommended by many people by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s relevant and has some value here.

Ryner Lute is the main character, who may also be an autistic anime character. He has no motivation, cares little about anything, and can’t be swayed easily by others. He’s in jail as the anime begins.

He has a hidden power that makes him go berserk and lose all control, becoming capable of obliterating and decapitating anyone who stands in the way.

He spends his time avoiding capture after escaping jail.

Travelling, adventures, a blonde main female character who joins Ryner Lute, and other aspects start to worm their way into the story as Ryner goes through his personal journey of figuring out who he is.


6. Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Rezero – Starting Life In Another World Smirking Subaru

Still one of the greatest anime series of all time. Re:Zero brings something different to the Isekai space and has ever since 2016.

Subaru Natsuki is a realistic character. He dies and is reincarnated into a world of elves, mages, swordsmen, and wicked people hiding in the shadows. He’s at a loss.

He meets Emilia, the first person in this new world. After a chance encounter and a tragic event, Emilia becomes the center of his world and his main focus, given the circumstances.

2 seasons in, Subaru has easily become the most, if not one of the most tragic characters for the number of deaths and brutality he’s been put through (he can return by death\ like a video game checkpoint).

Similarly, Subaru has a sense of humour, not unlike Cid from The Eminence In Shadow. Both have an Otakus tyle mentality.


7. Tensei Slime

Tensei Slime Squad

Rimuru Tempest dies in his past life because he saves someone and is stabbed for his heroics. Stabbed to death, that is.

His friends promise to delete all his data on his hard drive. A comical but true sign of loyalty in his last moments.

After reincarnation, he’s a slime in a cave. Eventually, after meeting a dragon, he learns he can absorb other creatures, minerals, and other abilities and later retain a human form.

He sets his sights on building his kingdom after meeting many people, befriending others, and making enemies of more because of his rise in power and his power becoming known to more powerful people.

There are crossovers with The Eminence In Shadow, but the violence is not on the same level of foolery.


8. Rokudenashi

Rokudenashi First Episode Funny

And finally, there’s Rokudenashi.

The plot is about Glenn Radars, a substitute teacher, and his laid-back, unconventional ways of teaching, which eventually win over his students.

The other main characters are Rumia Tingel and Sistine Fibel. It’s a magic/school series with some strong comedy and likeable characters.

This anime could have been the first on the list. The similarities between The Eminence In Shadow and Rokudenashi are obvious.

The clothing the students wear to school is clearly inspired or taken from Rokudenashi as they’re too similar. You could even say the school grounds have crossovers.

Even one of the episodes where a building is infiltrated is similar in execution, though different in details.

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