The Best Anime Gift Ideas You Should Consider For HIM

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That special someone’s “birthday” is coming up, and he’s a fan of anime. But you have no idea what gifts are appropriate, or what “he” would even like as a gift.

What do you do?

This post will cover ideas taken from my own interests as an anime fan. As well as recommendations male anime fans seem to love in general.

Note: this post applies to friends and family members who love anime too. Not just for guys who are in a relationship and love anime.


Anime Gift Ideas For Guys:


1. Anime messenger bags 

D Neko Scn010Tokyo Ghoul Messenger Bag Kaneki Toka 4Fairy Tail Messenger Bag Red Logo 3Tokyo Ghoul Messenger Bag Kaneki Transformed 4

Bags this large are convenient for a lot of things:

  • Carrying your laptop on the go.
  • Stuffing it with notepads or “university” tools.
  • And whatever else you’d be interested in carrying.

At 14-15 inches long, these anime messenger bags are the perfect gift for male anime fans who need it.


2. Anime T Shirts


Attack On Titan T Shirt Titan Eyes 3
AOT Titan Eyes T Shirt.
Fairy Tail Happy Blue T Shirt 2
Happy Fairy Tail T Shirt.

T shirts are an easy choice. Almost NO guy wouldn’t accept it as a gift. 

The only exception is if the “anime” in question isn’t something they’re fans of. So make sure you know this beforehand.

That aside, it’s a gift that’s guaranteed to please without any headache or complications. 😉


3. Anime baseball caps and hats

Naruto Snap Back Cap Naruto 3Naruto Snap Back Cap Sasuke 3

Pokemon Pokeball Beanie Hat 6Snapback Bulbasaur Pokemon Hat 3

Hats come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

You have:

  • Beanie hats.
  • Snapback hats.
  • Baseball caps.
  • Summer hats.

And all kinds of variations. Each with its own seasonal flavor.

As long as you choose the right anime for the gift, hats are a safe choice. Because there’s something for everyone’s tastes.


4. Anime figures and statues

Dragonball Super Dragon Stars Action Figures Assortment Series 2 13
Goku, Frieza, Shenron and Vegeta action figures.
Sasuke Uchiha Naruto Shippuden G E M Series Pvc Statue 28
Sasuke Uchiha GEM Statue.
Kurosawa Blu Ray Jacket Love Livesunshine Statue Ruby 13
Ruby Kurosawa Love Live Sunshine Statue.

Male anime fans don’t just appreciate figurines of their favorite characters. Be it from anime shows like One Piece or DBZ.

They also appreciate female anime figures, too. For the “aesthetics” or because of the anime itself.

Love Live is one anime where male fans would appreciate a figure as a “gift”.

Reasons aside, it all comes back down to choosing an anime figure from an anime they like. That’s the #1 rule that must never be broken.

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5. Anime notebooks/notepads

Bleach Notebook A5 Ichigo Mask Case 3
Ichigo Hollow-form notebook.
Death Note Notebook 4
Death Note Notebook.

Who doesn’t love a notebook when you need to write something important down?

No better way then to buy a notebook as a gift, as it’s bound to be used and appreciated even more than some items on this list.

Unlike a T Shirt, a notebook is more personal. And that stands for something.


6. Unique anime accessories

Full Scale Works Replica Zero Mask Code Geass Lelouch Of The Rebellion 8
Full Scale Zero Mask Replica – Code Geass.
Full Scale Works Replica Zero Mask Code Geass Lelouch Of The Rebellion 10
Full Scale Zero Mask Replica – Code Geass statue.
Classic Naruto Pop Homewares Pens Toppers Display 2
Naruto pens/pencils.

Sometimes you can step out the box and find something unique when it comes to anime merchandise. Not everything has to be a figurine or a piece of clothing.

You can choose from:

  • Pens and pencils.
  • Replica masks or headwear.
  • Arm gear.
  • Key rings.
  • Replica’s of weapons seen in anime shows (swords, etc).

The list is endless. And it’s the perfect gift idea if you’re looking to surprise and please at the same time.

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7. Anime sweatshirts and hoodies

Pokemon Christmas Ash And Pikachu Sweater 4Pokemon Hooded Pikachu Sweater All Over 4

Sweatshirts, jumpers and hoodies compliment T shirts s gifts for guys.

I’d never turn down this kind of gift, and from what I know this is true for for guys who love anime in general.

Just like with T Shirts, you’ll get a mixture of:

  • Seasonal clothing.
  • Non-seasonal clothing.

And everything in between. Making the “surprise” gift that much better, depending on what it is.

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