Untold Similarities Between Bulma And Chi Chi In Dragon Ball Z

9+ Untold Similarities Between Bulma And Chi-Chi In Dragon Ball Z

Bulma and Chichi are often paired together, or against each other, for the sake of debate, opinions, thoughts, and so on.

Most of the time though it’s the “vs” argument of which female character is better from DBZ as a franchise.

This time around we’ll focus on:

  • Their similarities.
  • What makes both characters similar.
  • Traits Bulma and Chichi share with each other.

And other crossovers that make them (and their friendship) perfect as is.

Let’s get to it.


1. They take no BS from anyone

Chichi Slap Buu

The Perfect example comes from Chi Chi standing up to Super Buu on Kami’s lookout.

Was this stupid in hindsight? Yes. But it doesn’t change the fact that Chichi fears no one and doesn’t give a shit about titles, or labels, and won’t allow herself to bow down on the basis of that logic.

Bulma is also someone who won’t take BS from others. The perfect example in her case was when she stood up to Beerus during the time when even Vegeta was kneeling down, shockingly pushing his pride to the side.

This is what led up to the famous SLAP which Vegeta reacted to, and managed to get through a couple of punches to Beerus’s face.


2. They’re both independent

Bulma And Chichi Images (6)

And I don’t mean in the cringey “strong and independent woman” type of way.

Chichi since childhood has been quite the independent person growing up with the OX king, and this was seen in her teenage years as well. That continued into adulthood.

She’s always been able to hold her own weight, never overly relied on others or begged, and has always been willing to put in the work and pave her own way.

Far from a damsel in distress.

Bulma is similar in this way growing up under her father who is a billionaire. She was never the entitled princess who expected everyone around her to do the work.

She was always doing the work off her own back and never relied on her father despite the choice being there. And as a character, it’s not in her nature to be dependent or irresponsible.

3. They’ve never relied on anyone but their own hard work and effort

Bulma And Chichi Images (1)

As an extension of the last point, both Bulma and Chichi have always been hard-working and aren’t afraid of making the effort required to get the job done.

The time required is irrelevant, they’ll do whatever it takes and will always pull their own weight. They’re not comfortable sitting around waiting for others to fix the issue, especially if they themselves can take part and help the overall outcome.

This is more obvious with someone like Chichi, but it’s also noticeable with Bulma and her progression over the multiple seasons and episodes in the DB franchise.


4. They both lay down the law

Bulma And Chichi Images (5)

Meaning: they let you know what they won’t tolerate and what they won’t stand for. They’re clear when it comes to showing you the line you can’t cross and what the boundaries are.

On the surface, that might make them seem like a “bitch” to people who stereotype women, but in reality, it makes them confident and it also shows a great deal of self respect on their part.

Chichi might be the more obvious character in this way, but again, Bulma is clear about this as well. Be it Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, or whoever else.


5. They’re both married to Saiyans

Bulma And Chichi Images (3)

This might be one of the simplest similarities between Bulma and Chichi, but it’s true none the less.

Bulma married Vegeta, the introverted Saiyan who went through a lot to reach that point of marriage and having kids.

Chichi married Goku before the Saiyan Saga, and since they grew up together it only made sense.


6. They both appreciate their husbands

Bulma And Chichi Images (1)

Even though Goku and Vegeta have their flaws, they still appreciate them for who they are. And the favour is returned.

Remember how Vegeta refused to take part in training that time because Bulma was pregnant and was about to be due? Vegeta is clearly the more dedicated man between Goku and Vegeta.

But still, Goku proves himself time again to be a husband worth appreciating.

Chichi and Bulma aren’t “Karens” who demand the impossible or the types of wives who are simply ungrateful. That’s why they’re all a perfect match for each other.


7. They’re both strong women

Bulma And Chichi Images (2)

Yes, Bulma and Chichi are strong women and not in the politically correct, feminist rhetoric way either. You see, Bulma and Chichi are strong in a way that doesn’t have to be proven or shouted about every 5 minutes.

Think about Chich’s life so far in the DB franchise, and what she’s endured as a mother who at times had to raise her kids herself because Goku was out protecting Earth, etc.

The same reflects on Bulma, before and after marrying Vegeta.

They clearly have inner strength and that reflects in how they carry themselves, and how they view and think about the world at large. And also based on the fact they’re not entitled cry babies who become victims to have their way with others.


8. They hold each other accountable

Bulma And Chichi Images (2)

Though at the same time, this is the reason they get on so well and why they clash with each other from time to time.

They have a respect level where it’s like, OK, we might not always get along on certain topics, but we’ll never fight, get violent, or do anything crazy as a result of it.

They have maturity.

Also, they hold each other accountable and one isn’t afraid more than the other to do this should the other get out of line or do something that isn’t acceptable.

With that said, Chichi is the most fearless of the two.


9. They both are overprotective and want the best for their kids

Bulma And Chichi

Image source.

Chichi is criticized for this element, mostly and usually by childish anime fans who only value “power” and female characters who fit that role. Or those who take issue with Goku rightfully being held accountable by his wife at times.

She, like any sane mother, wants the best for Gohan and Goten, and for her that means:

  • Having a job or career.
  • Studying and getting a good education.

And being a productive part of society while setting a good example for the family.

She might not always get it right, but her intentions are pure as snow and in the context of DBZ, it’s understandable.

Bulma also wants the best for her children but she being different expresses and shows this in a different way. Though Bulma has “less” stress considering money is never an issue for her family.

In the end, Bulma and Chichi have their differences, but their similarities are just as strong.

Many of their similarities are something to be learned from.

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