Manga Art Supplies For Every Passionate Artist Out There

20+ Manga art supplies for every passionate artist out there

Let me guess, you love reading manga and drawing Naruto a 109th time made you realize that you’ve got what it takes to make people ‘see’ your story rather than just hear it via an audiobook or something.

All the big names we know today started once just like this, just looking up some supplies and stationery cause nothing’s a better ally when you’re walking those pages than the supplies themselves, never betraying you no matter how late or how early it is.

So, let’s get ready to construct our world right from scratch and look at the 20+ manga art supplies every artist should have on their shelf.


1: Ostrich feathers

Quill Pen

Starting with nothing less than a banger right away. These feathers would be perfect for all the quirky minds out there, assuming the role of a maestro whenever they decide to go on a stroll in the world of imagination, in the world of art itself.

Just imagine an anime female character’s hair brought to life by this right here. Amazing.


2. Colored Pens

Colored Pens

Let’s be prepared for the day when you’ll have those full colored front pages cause hard work sure bears fruit.

These coloured pens are perfect for making your black and white characters come to life. Plus, if you’re someone who wants to switch things up with a coloured manga or comic, you couldn’t ask for anything more than this.

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3. Copic Coloring Guide

Copic Coloring Guide

No one’s a ‘master’ from day one. It’s our failures and experiences that make us who we are when our characters speak for ourselves.

This Coloring guide is perfect if you’re a beginner or just someone who wants to add colours to the colourless world that he’s known for a while now.


4. Drawing pens

Drawing Pen Ultra Fine Line

The pencil ‘universe’ ain’t gonna be there for a while. You never know, it might fade away the moment you’re in front of your editor with the chapter you finished just the other day.

Can’t have graphite decide our fate now, can we? These drawing pens are perfect to add those finishing touches that are a must when it comes to the chiaroscuro world.


5. Drawing figures

Drawing Figures

It gets hard at times when you’re going for a more realistic approach when it comes to the characters. Trust me, drawing the hands while making yours serve as the reference is something that’s not going to work, even after 563959 tries.

So better make things simple and easy, getting some drawing figures from the get go.


6. Comic Book Journal

Comic Book Journal

Newbies, you sure would love some tips, right? Instead of the pros just running their mouths with you not remembering a single thing, why not get your hands on one of these?

Perfect to add those special manga/comic effects, the knowledge of which is the utmost necessity for any artist out there.


7. Brush set

Brush Set

Whether you want to wipe those pages clean or just want the brightest, the most vibrant of colours do the talking for the world you came up with, these brushes are the perfect thing to make all that a reality.


8. Pen set

Pen Set

Better get those pens organized cause we don’t want to regret after we ruined a page we worked so hard on. Having a pen set, and categorizing all those pens is one of those things that everyone comes to know after the damage has been done.

But now you know so we expect you to be prudent in the future (Fingers Crossed).


9. Water Color Brush Pens

Water Color Brush Pens

Want to make the readers see a change of colours when they’re the least expecting it? Sneaky, now aren’t we?

What better to mix things up than these watercolour brush pens, making the readers ‘wow’ as they view the exact characters in a hue they’ve never seen before.


10. Wall Poster

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Would be perfect to have our aspirations, and our goals in front of us the whole time.

Staying focused can be hard at times.


11. Sebastian Michaelis figure

Sebastian Michaelis Figure

Now, now, aren’t we a daredevil. Want to write a fictional ‘what if’ featuring the good old devil, Sebastian himself? Or just want him as a reference for an original character he brought to life in your head?


12. Brush and pen holders

Brush And Pen Holders

Want to have a taste of nostalgia, bringing those old days to life when the wood was the best friend any pen could ever have? These wood pen holders are the perfect thing to treat your pens with. Get ready to become a kid once again.


13. Mixed Media Handbook

Mixed Media Handbook

Being the perfect book any newbie artist could ask for, this features all the tools along with all they have to offer.


14. Anime led light

Anime Led Light

It’s late at night. You’ve got a deadline to meet soon and all of a sudden, you’ve lost all motivation, making it hard for you to even sit in front of those very pages you were willing to give your life for a second ago.

Let your favourite character look you in the eyes with the best smile ever, whispering the words, ‘You can do it, don’t give up’.


15. Fine Point Markers

Fine Point Markers

When it comes to art, you and I both know that there are a gazillion of markers to choose from depending on what you’re going for. Looking to fill in the tiniest bit of details? Or just colouring some rather ‘hidden’ places?

These fine point markers come with a lot of accuracy and precision bundled with them making everything a walk in the park.

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16. Coloring Books

Coloring Books

Scared? Want to play with the colours on someone else’s playground before ‘experimenting’ with them in your own garden? Well, no shame in that cause these colouring books are perfect to make you a master of all the colours that light up our world.


17. Dual Tip Brush Pens

Dual Tip Brush Pens

Man, these pens are making me feel dizzy. Nothing but respect for all the artists out there. With this two in one combo and a lot of colours to choose from, this one’s something you just can’t miss out on.


18. Graphic Marker Pens

Graphic Marker Pens

The perfect thing to catch everyone by surprise and change things up all of a sudden.

These Graphic Markers give you that ‘aesthetic’ look, making you adopt a rather new style and put yourself as a trendsetter out there. Plus, they’re quick to dry so need to run out of breath every other minute or so.


19. Greeting cards/ Frame

Greeting Cards Frame

Have a special someone’s birthday coming up and want to give them the best surprise ever since they know one of the best artists out there? Or just want your exemplary work by your side, on the table all the time?

These greeting cards are perfect to make anyone’s day.


20. Squishy Squeeze Balls

Squishy Squeeze Balls

Sometimes those hands get tired of holding all this stationery all the time. These cute, adorable squishies are perfect to make yourself ‘loosen up’ a bit and come back bigger, better and stronger.


21. Manga templates

Manga Templates

Perfect for people who want to see just how things look before they actually start constructing everything from scratch.

Or just for people who are looking for some fun, coming up with hilarious and, at times, deep stories.


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