10 Inspirational Anime Songs To Start Off Your Day

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Whoever said inspiration only comes from listening to Beyonce, or the average famous singer is wrong.

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. And Anime music happens to be one of the ways we can all be inspired to do the things we want to do.

Anime shows mentioned in this post:

  • Code Geass
  • Sailor Moon
  • Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Maid Sama
  • Fruits Basket
  • Slayers
  • Soul Eater
  • Scrapped Princess
  • Inuyasha
  • Kill La Kill


Inspirational Anime Songs:


1. Soul Eater Music – Krieg by Iwasaki Taku

YouTube video

This song is quite fast moving, and will get you in the mood to want to do something. Which is what inspiration is. It makes you want to do something badly. It drives you.

And this track from Soul Eater will do just that for you!


2. Innocent Days by Hitomi – Code Geass

YouTube video

There’s something about this Code Geass song that’s inspirational, calming, and great to listen to. It will make you feel good inside, and that in itself is inspiring.

Give it a try 🙂


3. Main Theme Orchestra Music – Magic Knight Rayearth

YouTube video

This main theme music from Magic Knight Rayearth is a powerful tune. With many different instruments are soothing to listen to.

At over 4 minutes long, this is the ideal instrumental to start off your day right. And get you inspired!


4. Doil no Kanashimi by Hikaru Nanase – Scrapped Princess

YouTube video

This instrumental is over 1 minute 43 seconds long. And it’s packed with such a great tune and instrumentals that are nice to listen to. And will make you feel inspired, inside and out.

Taken from Anime show – Scrapped Princess.


5. Opening Theme Song (English) – Fruits Basket

YouTube video

This is my favorite song off the entire list. It’s one of the shortest, but the vocals are just beautiful and enjoyable to listen to.

And the lyrics are so inspirational that there’s no way your day won’t start off well after listening.


6. Misaki Junchou March – Maid Sama

YouTube video

This is a “feel good, happy” kind of song from Maid Sama. And with the high instrumentals, there’s no way you won’t feel good and even inspired listening to this.

It’s not the longest tune, but it’s fun and even fun songs can be inspiring.


7. Unmei To Koikokoro – Inuyasha

YouTube video

Besides the Fruits Basket song, this has to be one of my favorite of all time. The vocals are just amazing, and the pace of the instrumental is just right.

I get a lot of inspiration from this one, and I’m sure you will find some, too.


8. Opening Theme Song (English) – Sailor Moon

YouTube video

If you’re a Anime fan, you can see why this song would be here. It’s a classic, it’s fun to listen, it’s memorable, and it’s catchy.

Inspiration is written all over this instrumental. This one shouldn’t be ignored.


9. BlumenKranz SoundtrackKill La Kill

YouTube video

powerful track full of high energy and strong vocals.


10. What Time Does Love – Slayers Anime

YouTube video

What makes this song so inspirational? It’s the build up. The song progresses and changes at a pace I like.

I think you’ll love this slayers soundtrack. 😉

Feel like another song should have been on this list?



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