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20+ GREAT Shirobako Quotes That Are Motivational!

Shirobako anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Ema Yasuhara.
  • Midori Imai.
  • Rinko Ogasawara.
  • Tarou Takanashi.
  • Erika Yano.
  • Yuuji Atsumi.
  • Seiichi Kinoshita.
  • Yumi Iguchi.
  • Shigeru Sugie.
  • Aoi Miyamori.
  • Misa Toudou.
  • Mitsuaki Kanno.
  • Saburou Kitano.
  • Mari Tateo.

Shirobako is an educational anime series about the anime industry, produced by P.A Works (studio).

Right from the start this anime holds a lot of meaning, so it makes sense to see this bleed into the quotes from different characters.

Here are the best Shirobako quotes.


1. Midori Imai Quotes

midori imai quotes |

“I just realized I love learning things that I don’t know anything about. It sort of feels like I’m one step closer to my dream.” – Midori Imai


2. Yumi Iguchi Quotes

yumi iguchi quotes |

“Better to ask and be a fool once than never to ask and be a fool forever.” – Yumi Iguchi


3. Rinko Ogasawara Quotes

rinko ogasawara quotes |

“That was when I understood that you can’t just keep agreeing with everything. Every creator is sensitive and easy to hurt. Yet, they relentlessly give criticism, judgement, and more orders.” – Rinko Ogasawara


rinko ogasawara quotes 1 |

“There is no occupation that doesn’t have its difficulties. That’s why the rest is how much you’re able to endure after all the humiliation you face.” – Rinko Ogasawara


4. Erika Yano Quotes

erika yano quotes |

“They pop up every now and then. People who don’t wake up from the dream even after tens of years. I love people like that.” – Erika Yano


erika yano quotes 1 |

“You don’t make anime by yourself! Anime production is teamwork!” – Erika Yano


5. Aoi Miyamori Quotes

aoi miyamori quotes |

“I was just trying my hardest to do whatever was in front of me that looked fun.” – Aoi Miyamori

aoi miyamori quotes 1 |

“I realized that anime is made by hundreds of thousands of people, decades’ worth of time, and the thoughts and feelings of all the people who watch it.” – Aoi Miyamori


aoi miyamori quotes 2 |

“You learn plenty about who someone is from what she likes!” – Aoi Miyamori


6. Yuuji Atsumi Quotes

yuuji atsumi quotes |

“There’s something about cumulonimbus that really makes you want to draw.” – Yuuji Atsumi


7. Mitsuaki Kanno Quotes

mitsuaki kanno quotes |

“Animators are human as well, so we want to be told, ‘You’re the only one who can do this!” – Mitsuaki Kanno


8. Misa Toudou Quotes

misa toudou quotes |

“If I have a goal, then I should take the time to figure out what I need to do to achieve that goal.” – Misa Toudou


9. Ema Yasuhara Quotes

ema yasuhara quotes |

“It’s fun to draw, but when it’s for work, it becomes complicated. You get depressed about how bad you are, or panic because there’s no time.” – Ema Yasuhara


ema yasuhara quotes 1 |

“if I drew things more carefully, I need more time to finish. At this rate, I’m never going to get faster, and I won’t be able to better my technique. I’ll end up as a useless animator and not be able to eat.” – Ema Yasuhara


10. Saburou Kitano Quotes

saburou kitano quotes |

“If you plan on blaming others when things don’t go well, you might as well quit!” – Saburou Kitan


11. Shigeru Sugie Quotes

shigeru sugie quotes |

“If you’re able to eat doing something you love, it’s a wonderful thing. However, eventually, drawing won’t be enough. You’ll start to yearn for new goals.” – Shigeru Sugie


shigeru sugie quotes 1 |

“I believe that talent, first and foremost, is the ability to take a chance and to be calm enough to learn from mistakes.” – Shigeru Sugie


12. Tarou Takanashi Quotes

tarou takanashi quotes |

“He’s a lion that’s been freed from its cage. On the other hand, I’m a solitary tiger. Two wild beasts can never understand each other.” – Tarou Takanashi


13. Mari Tateo Quotes

Mari Tateo quotes |

“Well, it is rough waiting for that call you don’t know if you’re going to get.” – Mari Tateo


14. Seiichi Kinoshita Quotes

seiichi kinoshita quotes |

“We have to lie, but in a cool way… at least, that’s what I’m going for.” – Seiichi Kinoshita

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