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A List Of Solid Aoi Bungaku Quotes That Need To Be Shared

aoi bungaku wallpaper
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Aoi Bungaku quotes taken from characters:

  • K.
  • Takada.

Aoi Bungaku is a drama/Seinen series – produced by Madhouse (Death Note studio).

This is a short anime series but it’s packed with meaningful quotes, despite only having a handful worth sharing.

Here are the best lines from the anime.


1. K Quotes

K quotes aoi bungaku

“Those who do not want to advance spiritually are fools.” – K


2. Takada Quotes

takada quotes aoi bungaku

“Still I’ve never thought of myself as an unfortunate person. Of course I am not a fortunate person either. In the first place a fortunate person could never write plays or novels. I write while loving my misfortune almost as if I’m tasting it.” – Takada


takada quotes aoi bungaku 1

“Hope and passion slip through your fingers like sand.” – Takada


takada quotes aoi bungaku 2

“Is it painful to be the person who waits? Or is it more painful to be the person who makes others wait? Either way, there’s no need to wait anymore. That’s what is most painful.” – Takada


takada quotes aoi bungaku 3

“Just as planets seek the light of a star and circle around it, I was a planet that sought the light of a pure star. Even the moon can’t shine by itself. It shines so brightly because it reflects light from the sun.” – Takada

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