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The 27+ Greatest Plunderer Quotes Fans Will Appreciate

Plunderer anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Nana Bassler.
  • Licht Bach.
  • Sonohara Mizuka.
  • Hina.
  • Poporo Pele.
  • Pelmo.
  • Lyne Mei.
  • Murdoch Jail.
  • Sakai Tokikaze.
  • Tsukina Farrow.
  • Davi.
  • Douan Taketora.
  • Schmelman Bach.

Plunderer is an anime with a focus on social status. This is determined by the “count” a person has that’s ingrained into their body.

With certain characters having less or more, it’s this that influences the quotes, perspectives, and characters point of view.

Some will make you think, others will give you something to connect with and so on.

Here’s the best lines from Plunderer!


1. Lyne Mei Quotes

Lyne Mei quotes plunderer |

“We soldiers exist to help the townsfolk. I can’t ignore what’s important.” – Lyne Mei


2. Licht Bach Quotes

Licht Bach quotes plunderer |

“Conflict doesn’t create anything. What we need now is to love each other.” – Licht Bach


Licht Bach quotes plunderer 1 |

“Hina, you wanted to know what my purpose was… so listen up… Jail, I’ll tell you who I am… I am… Plunderer. To steal away everything in this country, that is my purpose.” – Licht Bach


Licht Bach quotes plunderer 2 |

“If there are no more enemies to kill, nobody needs to become a murderer.” – Licht Bach


Licht Bach quotes plunderer 3 |

“If I kill one enemy, someone else is spared from killing someone.” – Licht Bach


Licht Bach quotes plunderer 4 |

“Condemn the crime, not the person. Can’t you be the bigger man here?” – Licht Bach


Licht Bach quotes plunderer 5 |

“I try to save them…but I can’t…Nothing changes…All I can ever do is clean up after a failed dream.” – Licht Bach


3. Nana Bassler Quotes

Nana Bassler quotes plunderer |

“I wonder what kind of person will be given to me… but it’s a stubborn-looking bespectacled guy? What bad taste my future self has… I am… a test subject, Test Subject No.7. Alias: Nana. That’s what I’m called. The one sent by my future self is you, right?” – Nana Bassler


Nana Bassler quotes plunderer 1 |

“Ever heard of “He who doesn’t work, neither shall he eat”?” – Nana Bassler


4. Sonohara Mizuka Quotes

Sonohara Mizuka quotes plunderer |

“The only solution is to kill.” – Sonohara Mizuka


5. Poporo Pele Quotes

Poporo Pele quotes plunderer |

“Idiots with too much on their minds should eat to get rid of that!” – Poporo Pele


poporo pelei quotes plunderer |

“Hey, you lot. What is… the Special Service? A force of justice fighting for the world’s sake…? Or a gathering of fools, so inspired by that idiot over there that you daydream of being some Non-Killing Army…? Well, you’re wrong. We’re… evil.” – Poporo Pele


6. Hina Quotes

Hina quotes plunderer |

“My count is… My… count is… the number of times I kept walking… so that I could meet you! If you’re ever crying… I’ll be right there for you. If you’re ever cold… I’ll there to warm you. I will… I will never leave you… even if death… tries to split us apart… I will be by your side… as much as I can!” – Hina


Hina quotes plunderer 1 |

“I will turn your life upside down if I have to, so that…you are never alone!” – Hina


Hina quotes plunderer 2 |

“I’ll never let you feel lonely! You’ll never have the chance to! No matter where you go, I’ll hunt you down!” – Hina


7. Pelmo Quotes

Pelmo quotes plunderer |

“Some dreams are worth risking a life over!” – Pelmo


Pelmo quotes plunderer 1 |

“Dreams are critical to moving on with our lives! If we turn our backs on our dreams, we’re as good as dead!” – Pelmo


8. Jail Murdoch Quotes

Jail Murdoch quotes plunderer |

“It is one of my convictions- I will punish evil with my own hands.” – Jail Murdoch


Jail Murdoch quotes plunderer 1 |

“The iron I create represents my convictions- my will! No criminal can cut through it.” – Jail Murdoch


Jail Murdoch quotes plunderer 2 |

“To capture a criminal, they have to be crushed completely and thoroughly. They must fear me and realize there is no second chance!” – Jail Murdoch


Jail Murdoch quotes plunderer 3 |

“I have no interest in getting promoted into a position behind a desk.” – Jail Murdoch


Jail Murdoch quotes plunderer 4 |

“Nothing will change unless you take the first step.” – Jail Murdoch


9. Sakai Tokikaze Quotes

Sakai Tokikaze quotes plunderer |

“Once you’ve lost someone precious, you’ll realize this as well. What’s left in your heart isn’t a future where everyone holds hands – only revenge.” – Sakai Tokikaze


10. Tsukina Farrow Quotes

Tsukina Farrow quotes plunderer |

“Listen, there’s no time! Take this… and give it to one of the Legendary Red Barons… Give it… to… the Baron… Give it… to the Baron… that you choose.” – Tsukina Farrow


11. Schmelman Bach Quotes

Schmelman Bach quotes plunderer |

“There is no reason to worry. After all… we won’t let them get away. I am… a wizard after all… Hurry up and let me meet my cute tortoise.” – Schmelman Bach


12. Douan Taketora

Douan Taketora quotes plunderer |

“But, Mizuka… I can say this much… you… aren’t fit for battlefield.. you don’t belong on a battlefield… you should be a laughing happily… in a field full of flowers.” – Douan Taketora


13. Davi Quotes

Davi quotes plunderer |

“Ah, right… Sorry… the fact that I’m the Red Baron… was a complete lie, you idiot!!” – Davi


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