The Best Anime Figure Photos In The Past 30 Days, According To MyFigureCollection

Little Witch Academia Figure Photos

All anime figure photos belong to the owners via: Myfigurecollection.

Every day, week and month, myfigurecollection runs a “best photo” contest.

And whichever photos have the most votes make it into the “best” section. Similar to how Google’s search engine or how Facebook’s “like” system works.

After taking a quick look through the anime figure photos of the month since June 2018, here’s what came up.


The Best Anime Figure Photos on MyFigureCollection (July 2018):


1. Dozens of unopened anime figure boxes

Unopened Anime Figure Boxes

If you never thought so many anime figures was a possibility, now you know it is. All in one room and they’re all unopened boxes.



2. Celestia Danganronpa 777 Photo

Danganronpa 777 Photo

If you pay attention – you’ll see Monokuma wearing glasses to the right. And a roulette under Celestia’s feet.


3. Neptune Anime Figure Photo

Neptune Anime Figure Photo 1

Neptune’s little sister: Nepgear is to the right in a minature figurine.


4. Umi Sonoda figure basking in flowers

Umi Sonoda Basking In Flowers 1


5. Maid Saber figure cleaning up at the bar

Saber Maid Cleaning Up In The Bar


5. Aqua crying trapped in a cage (Konosuba Nendoroid)

Aqua Trapped In A Cage Crying Konosuba Figure


6. Bismarck And Maya Battle Poses (Kancolle)

Bismarck And Maya Kancolle Statues


7. Maki Nishikino looking over the horizon at night time

Maki Nishikino Pvc Statues


8. Atsuko Kagari freaking out at Sucy’s experiment (Nendoroids)

Little Witch Academia Figure Photos


9. Alvis Hamilton & Kasugano sitting down together

Alvis Hamilton And Kasugano Sitting Down Together Figurines


10. Yuri Plisetsky with a face mask and black clothing

Yuri Plisetsky Nendoroid Dressed Up In Black Clothing


11. Aqua in the woods at night with Sucy Manbavaran

Aqua From Konosuba Scared Nendoroid Gif


12. Saber & Arthur Pendragon Nendoroids

Saber And Arthur Pendragon Nendoroids


13. Mirai Fukuin Statue surrounded by cherry blossoms

Mirai Fukuin Surrounded By Cherry Blossoms Pvc Figure


14. Shiro and Hdge PVC Statues

Shiro And Hdge Pvc Statues


15. Love Live Sunshine Nendoroid Figures

Love Live Sunshine Nendoroid Figures


16. YoRHa PVC Statue surrounded by nature (Manga)

Yorha Manga Pvc Statue


17. Jeanne D Arc in 3 different Nendoroid styles

Jeanne D Arc Nendoroid Figures Together


18. Katou Megumi figure enjoying herself in the mirror 😉

Katou Megumi Figure Looking At Herself In The Mirror


19. ALO Asuna Yuuki in the outdoors (PVC Statue)

Fairy Asuna Yuuki All By Herself Pvc Statue


20. Oshino Shinobu Nendoroid eating donuts

Oshino Shinobu Helping Herself To Donuts Nendoroid


21. Serena Sailor Moon and Ray Sailor Mars figurines

Serena And Ray Figures From Sailor Moon


22. Saber Fate Extra CCC figure surrounded by flowers

Saber Fate Extra Ccc Surrounded By Flowers


23. Yukimura Aoi’s camping trip (Nendoroid figure)

Yukimura Aoi Camping Trip Nendoroid


24. Miyauchi Renge Nendoroid working behind the counter

Miyauchi Renge Working Behind The Counter Nendoroid


25. Sucy Manbavaran cooking up some trouble

Sucy Manbavaran Cooking Up Trouble Nendoroid


26. Hatsune Miku Vocaloid singing on stage

Hatsune Miku On Stage Singing Pvc Figure


27. Maou Yuusha hanging with Charizard

Maou Yuusha Hanging With Charizard Nendoroid

Credits to figure collectors:


Which anime figure photo is your favorite?


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