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27 Log Horizon Quotes From Some Of Your Favorite Characters In The Anime

Log Horizon characters mentioned in this post:

  • Shiroe.
  • Nyanta.
  • Akatsuki.
  • Crusty.
  • Princess Lenessia (Rayneshia).
  • Henrietta.
  • Kanami.
  • Rundelhaus Code.
  • William Massachusetts.
  • Mizufa Trudy.
  • Naotsugu.

As you can see – not every character is included, but there’s enough to go around. Each with their own unique quote, personality and impact.

Here are the best Log Horizon has to offer as a video game series…


The Best Log Horizon Quotes:


Kanami Quotes

“The best part of adventuring is experiencing new things!” – Kanami


Shiroe Quotes

Shiroe Quotes

“If you can’t do something, then don’t. Focus on what you can do.” – Shiroe


“If you’re going to give up that easily, we have no hope.” – Shiroe


“It’s true that there’s a lot we don’t know about this world. But that’s why we must go forward and do what we can. One thing at a time.” – Log Horizon


“Stealing someone’s name is never all right. It means you’re unwilling to recognize them as human.” – Log Horizon


“Being strong on your own is meaningless. To have power you need other people, and they need a world where they can be at their best.” – Shiroe


Nyanta Quotes

Nyanta Quotes

“Any treasure you attain without anyone ever working for it is no treasure at all.” – Nyanta


“Wherever you eat it, the food you enjoy with friends is the most delicious.” – Nyanta


“People…At least, all children are born into a world that seems unreasonable and crazy to them. No one is asked at birth if they agree to come into the world. Everyone is born that way.” – Nyanta


“Recklessness is the way of the young and tolerance is the beauty of adulthood.” – Nyanta


“Any kind of life can go wrong, or sicken or suffer. Lives get old, decay, and finally die. Disliking that fact because it hurts, isn’t any different than disliking life itself.” – Nyanta


Princess Lenessia Quotes (Rayneshia)

Princess Lenessia Quotes

“Protecting someone means giving them a place to belong. Giving them a place where they can be happy.” – Princess Lenessia


“With the right decoration, anyone can be beautiful.” – Princess Lenessia


“Adventurers are free. They are more free than we are. It’s true that we may be weaker than they are. But that doesn’t mean that, in our weakness, we can become aggressive. We don’t have the right to take advantage of our weakness and use them as tools!” – Princess Lenessia


Rundelhaus Code Quotes

“If I can save people who need my help, I don’t care about the details.” – Rundelhaus Code


Noatsugu Quotes

“Listen, If you ever have a problem, step forward! With your heart, not your legs.” – Naotsugu


“The job of a front-line tank is to absorb all the enemy hits, and to trust his companions.” – Naotsugu


“There are two types of men in the world. Perverts that talk about it out in the open, and closet perverts who don’t.” – Naotsugu


William Massachusetts Quotes

“A man’s come all the way out to the end of the North to ask for my help. Wouldn’t it be rude to wait to hear what he wanted?” – William Massachusetts


“Like they always said… We’re idiots who’ve wasted our time on something as pointless as games. Game junkies who never leave their houses. Vegetables. But who cares? We knew that all along. We knew it, and we do it anyway. But we love games. We chose this. And sometimes we’ll win, and sometimes we’ll lose. So what? We’ve dedicated our lives to it. So it’s real!” – William Massachusetts


Akatsuki Quotes

“A ninja does not know how to fail.” – Akatsuki


“Games are fun because you can do things you couldn’t in real life, right?” – Akatsuki


Crusty Quotes

“Living your life to the fullest ’til the moment of your death, this is the rule to live by in any world.” – Crusty


“Failing to act, for fear of the risk, is no different than a living death. No matter what world you’re in.” – Crusty


Mizufa Trudy Quotes

“The strong use their strength as their weapon. The weak use their weakness as their weapon.” – Mizufa Trudy


Henrietta Quotes

“A gentleman must never show his lack of confidence.” – Henrietta


“They want to believe that’s true and when someone wants to believe something is true, they usually will.” – Henrietta

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Are there any gaming anime quotes you’d like to see next, like Log Horizon?



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