Crush Crush: The Fun And Flirty Hentai Game (Review)

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On a sunny day, while riding your bicycle to the grocery store to buy Pokey and Fountain Dew, a passing bird caught you off guard, and as a result, you collided with a girl.

The girl is taken to the hospital, and a manifestation of love and romance appears before you.

“Hey, today is your lucky day, because matchmaking is my specialty,” said Qpiddy the fairy.

He also suggests that you make friends with the girl named Cassie who was hit and try to help her until she finally becomes a boyfriend.

And your journey begins in this unique hentai game called Crush Crush.


Erotic Crush Crush babes

crush crush babes hentai

If you are looking for a good erotic idle dating sim game with a lot of girls to interact with, Crush Crush will fulfill all those needs.

Crush Crush is an idle clicker dating sim game created by Sad Panda Studios, where players must take responsibility for the victims of the collisions that result.

Work to earn money, then impress the girl so you’ll be able to date her.

It doesn’t just stop with one girl to date, crush crush also offers many girls to date in this game. This also means more lewd scenes to enjoy.

That’s the premise of this unique game of idle and dating genre.

Based on the real-life concept that life is hard without money, players also need money to earn in this game. Therefore, they must have a job.

Players will be able to choose the available jobs for the current skill level, starting from the lowest, working in a fast-food restaurant.

Along with the increase in the skills possessed by players, there will be more and more job opportunities, ranging from normal jobs to magical jobs.

Even a demon-slaying job.

crush crush screenshot hentai game

This job is the idle aspect of the game Crush Crush, because the money will flow in automatically, even if the player is not playing the game.

The longer a player works in one place, the higher the rank of the work he can achieve.

Interacting with Girls is the next and main goal after collecting money.

The player interacts with the girl to level up the relationship with her, and the player must reach the required target.

These targets vary, such as collecting money, love, and so on.

There are several ways to interact with the girl, such as talking to her, giving her gifts, touching her to increase her affection level, and asking her out on a date and also by clicking on her.

At the end of your journey, if the relationship level maxed out with the girl you are dating, the player will be rewarded with a lewd scene from the girl.

crush crush pink haired anime girl

In addition, players can also enjoy various hobbies, whereby turning on this hobby activity, players can increase the level of their skills.

This is useful for moving to a better job, it will also be a requirement to get closer to some of the girls.

Apart from all the gameplay that is offered, one of the player’s goals is to collect “Time Blocks” or time so that they can do more activities.

As the result, we will not be able to enjoy all kinds of activities if one does not have time.

In Crush Crush, time is presented in the form of Time Blocks, where every activity, whether working or enjoying hobbies, will use this Time Block.

As in real life, players must be able to divide their time between activities well.


Anime style

crush crush girl pink blue hair

Crush Crush is based on an anime-style game, where the player can customize his avatar in the form of a cute mannequin.

There are several variants of customization, ranging from gender, hair, to accessories.

The girls who can be courted here all look charming in anime-style artwork with various poses and emotions, which you can gift beautiful clothes as a method of customization.

There are dozens of girls you can date with a collection of photos of them, so whatever your anime girl tastes are Crush Crush may have it.

Of course, to unlock them, there is a requirement beforehand which is quite challenging.


Even play offline

crush crush mobile

Crush Crush can be played without paying a penny. Even the game doesn’t require an Internet connection at all after downloading it.

This means players can play whenever they want.

That said, if players want to finish this game quickly, it’s recommended to buy diamonds or premium currency. This is used for in-game purchases that are useful for buying Time Block, Boost, Skip Reset, and others.

In addition, the game also sells bundles containing extra beautiful girls that cannot be obtained by playing for free.

To gain access to this bundle, you have to pay it with diamonds or with coins for more exclusive packages.

The idea of Crush Crush itself is quite interesting.

  • It combines an idle game with dating sim elements
  • Adds lewd scenes
  • Good stunning graphics
  • And great music.

This means the results are quite impressive.

If you need a fun and entertaining game, give Crush Crush a try!


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