10 Powerful Anime Quotes You Can Relate To As A Fan Of Anime

Thanks for checking out my first blog post on Anime Motivation.

I thought i would go with some anime quotes that relate to real life.

So check out 10 quotes that have caught my eye and got my brain ticking below. In no particular order.

#1 – All Might Quotes

“When there’s nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge at those times, is surely the mark of a true hero.” – All Might

#2 – Tetsuya Kuroko Quotes

“So long as I don’t give up, the possibility of winning will never fall to zero.” – Tetsuya Kuroko

#3 – Suzuha Amane Quotes

“Everyone gets help from someone else at some point in their lives. So someday, you should help someone too.” – Suzuha Amane

#4 – Nico Robin Quotes

“Fools who don’t respect the past are likely to repeat it.” – Nico Robin

#5 – Motoko Kusanagi Quotes

“If a technological feat is possible, man will do it. Almost as if it’s wired into the core of our being.” – Motoko Kusanagi

#6 – Makoto Konno Quotes

“Time waits for no one.” – Makoto Konno

#7 – Itachi Uchiha Quotes

“People live their lives bound by what they see as “right” and “true”. That’s what they call “reality”. However, “right” and “true” are nothing but vague terms. Their reality could turn out to be an illusion. Everyone is living by their own assumptions.” – Itachi Uchiha

#8 – Decim Quotes

“Life really is a mysterious thing. Each and every life spins its own, totally separate tale. Yet they become intricately entwined in each other. And no one knows how they will end up.” – Decim

#9 – Hishiro Chizuru Quotes

“If at some point in life you made a mistake or keep falling over and over again. And you can’t help but think it’s useless and you’re a good for nothing; Remember, you’re only taking a detour. And I’m sure further along your path will come a day where you think – “It was a good life experience”. That’s why it’ll be fine.” – Hishiro Chizuru

#10 – Gilgamesh Quotes 

“Hero of justice? A world where no one is hurt? Don’t be absurd. Humanity is the name for an animal that cannot find joy in life without sacrifice. The pretty lie that is “equality” is nonsense spouted by weaklings who cannot look upon the darkness. Nothing but an excuse to cover up life’s ugliness.” – Gilgamesh King Of Heroes

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