9+ Comparable Anime Shows Like Uma Musume Pretty Derby (Recommended)

pretty derby season 3 anime 2023 spring

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is an anime series about a girl who wants to play in the “big leagues”. She, like many other female characters, are horses in human form who compete in horse racing.

It’s the cute girls doing cute things concept but with horse girls.

Despite being a simple concept, the anime is done well, entertains, and does bring something a little different to the sports genre.

Season 2 is now airing.

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Here are some anime shows like Pretty Derby worth watching!


1. BanG Dream!

BanG Dream anime series

Bang Dream is a music anime series where girls get together to form their own rock band. That band is called Poppin Party.

There are five girls in total in this rock band.

Similar to the new series Oshi No Ko, all 5 girls are in the music industry, face challenges, and work together to overcome them but it’s more on a lighter note without any disturbed outcomes.

An anime that clearly pushes the “cute girls doing cute things” trope and has built a reliable fanbase as a result.


2. Hailkyuu

Haikyuu characters boys

Haikyuu is enough seasons to keep you entertained, plus it revolves around Hinata, the orange-haired extroverted character with big dreams and goals to succeed in volleyball sports.

This makes the anime more on the motivational side of things with its encouraging themes, messages, ideas, and characters many will be able to relate to for similar reasons (like pursuing a sport or a dream).


3. Free! Eternal Summer

Free Eternal Summer ep 12

Free! Eternal Summer is one of the most unique anime made by Kyoto Animation. It’s unique because it’s unexpected considering what the studio is known for, and what they usually go for.

This anime is about competitive swimming in a nutshell.

Characters go against each other, and unsurprisingly given the designs, this anime has a lot of MANSERVICE which female fans simp over.

In fact, this anime’s audience is made up of mostly female fans since most male fans aren’t into this type of vibe.


4. K-On

K On anime slice of life

K-On is one of the few Queens of moe content and is responsible for the anime taking off the way it did (and influencing) the Moe genre.

It’s another anime by Kyoto Animation. And one that’s already officially stamped in the history of slice of life anime.

Yui Hirasawa, the girl in the middle, is the airheaded extrovert with tons of energy, likes to take risks, have fun, and do mostly things she enjoys doing (no hesitation).

She’s the centre of the anime you could say, and the anime has crossovers with Uma Musume Pretty Derby.


5. Girls Und Panzer

Girls Und Panzer maho nishizumi

Girls Und Panzer takes the idea of sports and competition, blends it with militant aspects, and then pits characters against each other in a friendly form of “tank” battles.

The sport’s fictional name is called Tankery.

Miho Nishizumi is the main character with orange hair, and her older sister (in the picture to the left) is Maho Ninshizumi, who is somewhat of veteran others look up to.

This brings a different vibe for fans of Uma Musume Pretty Derby since the anime’s main focus is vehicles along with strategy, and friendly warfare. Plus a lot of trivia relating to “war” history and tanks.


6. Love Live School Idol Project

Love Live School Idol Project girls

Love Live School Idol Project focuses on Honoka Kousaka, the girl in the middle, and her journey to recruiting all the eventual 9 members of the U’s music group they form together.

The black-haired girl Nico Yazawa also plays a big role in the formation, and she’s a bit of an iconic character from the series because of her mannerisms, style, cliches, and so on.

Love Live isn’t exactly like Pretty Derby, but it fits and has enough similarities or crossovers that either anime would be enjoyable.


7. Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade picnic

A bit of a forgotten anime in 2023. Bamboo Blade is about Kendo, a type of Japanese sport fought with wooden swords while masked up.  Once you hit someone on the head, you win.

Tamaki Kowazoe is the main female character in the middle and the shortest but most talented who’s been training in Kendo since childhood. Kirino is the blonde girl who manages their team and is responsible for new members.

Azuma is the orange-haired girl to the right who also has a talent for it, but has “home” problems that stand in the way of her pursuing her passion for Kendo.

It’s a decent series that could benefit from a new season.


8. Birdie Wing: Golf Girls Story

Birdie Wing Golf Girls Story ep 4

Birdie Wing is a series focusing on the sport of golf. But it’s not as simplistic as it sounds. This anime also has, we’ll say, darker elements that happen alongside the more bright and cheery stuff.

Take the main blonde character for example. In one episode she’s blackmailed by the corrupt police and forced to give up all her money (winnings) from a game of “back alley” Golf.

She plays only for money and is fighting for a future where she, her friend, and some orphan kids don’t have to struggle. Making this anime deeper than it looks on the surface.


9. Chihayafuru

Chihayafuru sports match

The sport of this anime revolves around a Japanese card game called Karuta. When all is said and done, this game depends on 3 things.

One of them is speed, meaning how quickly you can act to hit a card. The second is memory. A good memory is critical to playing this game.

Third is strategy, which is essential for any game when you think about it.

This anime is a romance/Josei series so there’s a lot more to it than just sports, but this is a regular theme and the anime’s visuals, aesthetics, and writing makes it surprisingly better than expected.


21+ Sports Anime To Choose From

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