3 Likely Reasons Why Funimation Cancelled Ishuzoku Reviewers

ishuzoku reviewers episode 1 screenshot

Ishuzoku Reviewers, or “interspecies reviewers” was cancelled by Funimation.

Here’s an official screenshot over email by a Reddit user.

funimation cancelled ishuzoku reviewers

Here’s the FULL quote by Funimation:

“After careful consideration, we determined that this series falls outside of our standards. We have the utmost respect for our creators so rather than substantially alter the content, we felt taking it down was the most respectful choice.”

I’ll break down what this “probably” means later (in Plain English without the politics).

Dozens of articles and videos reported on it.

YouTube video

To make things worse (which no one is talking about), the voice actors, translators and other key people won’t be getting the pay-day they expect.

In fact – there’s a rumor that the translators were fired and forced to sign an NDA. Probably so Funimation can avoid “getting into trouble” if ALL the details leaked about what really happened, legally.


Why did Funimation cancel Ishuzoku Reviewers?

Funimation IshuzokuReviewers Discussion Thread 1 Funimation IshuzokuReviewers Discussion Thread 2

Considering Funimation deleted anything related to Ishuzoku Reviewers forums, it makes you wonder why they cancelled Ishuzoku Reviewers.

And better yet – why they did it so out of the blue.

Especially when you consider this:

Funimation originally announced that they were planning to stream the show uncensored, but come its debut day, they aired the censored version and changed the show’s description to remove any mention of the anime being uncensored.

Taken from Sankaku Complex.

With all that out the way – here’s my thoughts on why Funimation cancelled Ishuzoku Reviewers.


1. Unable to control the narrative or agenda

prison school anime

In 2015 – Funimation changed the dialogue of Prison School and turned it into “SJW” nonsense US Twitter’s so fond of.

This was during the time #Gamergate was trending.

In the original Japanese version of Prison School, the line heard on-screen translates to English as:

“You keep talking to me like we’re on equal terms, but I’m a 2nd year. You have to address a superior more politely. Shut… up…”

But when Funimation changed these lines, the lines then become:

“Woah, cut the breaks Arthur Fonzarelli. You got a stick up your *ss, or are you one of those dumb*ss GamerGate creepshows?”

miss kobayashis dragon maid series

The same thing happens with Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, episode 12.

The original version goes from this:

  • Tohru: “what’s with that outfit?”
  • Lucoa: “everyone was always saying something to me, so I tried toning down the exposure. How is it?”
  • Tohru: “you should try changing your body next.”

To Funimation‘s politics that turns into this:

  • Tohru: “what are you wearing that for?”
  • Lucoa: “oh those pesky patriarchal societal demands were getting on my nerves, so I changed clothes”
  • Tohru: “give it a week, they’ll be begging you to change back

Funimation had LESS control over Ishuzoku Reviewers

This anime, adapted from a Manga was “extreme” from the beginning.

The themes, reviewing of brothels, the monster girls and the sexually driven story can’t be changed no matter how hard you try to change the lines and wording.

Funimation has a history of doing this, so it’s nothing new.

That’s why they cancelled Ishuzoku Reviewers because no amount of:

  • Altering
  • Changing
  • Pushing agenda’s

Or anything of the sort (based on the original material) would have worked. And probably wouldn’t have made sense.

Funimation would have to change the entire script to push a narrative the loud US minority loves to hear these days.

And seeing as Funimation manipulates popular anime by drastically changing the dialogue, it only makes sense why they’d “throw it away” as a lost cause.

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2. Backlash within the company among women

YouTube video

We already know how EXTREME Ishuzoku Reviewers is.

Stunk, the main character reviews brothels with his partner. And that’s gonna rub some people the wrong way.

It’ll especially rub some women the wrong way (in the US more than anything).

And knowing the type of people who work within Funimation – it’s a given this could have happened.

The pressure alone, on top of point #1 (lack of control over the anime‘s dialogue) is enough to force Funi to back down. Even if the anime was in the middle of airing on Funimation‘s streaming platform

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3. Doesn’t want to be associated with Ishuzoku Reviewers controversy

The content is no joke. It’s Ecchi on steroids. Some even call Ishuzoku Reviewers “Hentai“.

Before the anime aired it stirred up a bit of controversy on Twitter, and that’s only continued since January 2020. Though not to the level expected.

With all this in mind, and the other points mentioned – Funimation didn’t wanna be associated with the controversy.

They didn’t want the controversy “attached” to their brand and so they backed out to avoid it.

That’s what I think really went down, because it’s a big decision with a lot of moving parts.


Why Funimation Likely Cancelled Ishuzoku Reviewers:

  • Unable to control the narrative or agenda.
  • Backlash within the company among women.
  • Doesn’t want to be associated with Ishuzoku Reviewers controversy.

What do you think about this news?



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