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This Is Why You Love Anime So Damn Much

The 1st ever Anime show I watched was Dragon Ball Z.

The 2nd Anime series I watched was Claymore.

Then it was Inuyasha.

Now I’m hooked, and I always have been ever since discovering DBZ.

But why?

Why is it we LOVE Anime so much?

How come Anime makes us feel the way we feel, in such a way that we can’t help but be drawn to it?

Everyones answer is a little different. I understand that.

But there are 3 Reasons Why Fans Love Anime So Much that I think you’ll agree with.


1. It makes us happy

3 Major Reasons Why Fans Love Anime So Much
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Not every Anime show is a “happy” Anime show. But Anime makes us happy no matter how you wanna slice the cake.

Anime impacts you in a way traditional films could never impact you.

And that’s not just because Anime is “animated”, but because Anime has its own unique vibe.

And the character designs are brighter, more cheerful, attractive to look at, on top of other reasons.

If you watch Anime you know describing how Anime makes you happy isn’t simple enough to put into one sentence.


2. Helps us deal with issues

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Nobody’s life is as perfect as the mainstream news and media will have you believe.We all have issues and problems we’re dealing with daily.

I was surprised to discover some fans are able to deal with their anxiety issues a lot better, BECAUSE of Anime.

Which I believe is amazing.

The reason Anime helps us deal with issues is because Anime characters are relatable.

Witnessing how Anime characters deal with similar issues makes it easier for you to deal with in life.

And that’s what makes Anime so unique and loved by fans all over the world.


3. It’s a fun way to learn

Haruhi Suzimiya

Not everybody watches Anime for entertainment. Anime is also educational.

It’s a fun way to learn (unlike the school/education system).

A couple of life lessons Anime can teach us:

  • How to believe in yourself.
  • How to work harder.
  • Ways to stay motivated.
  • How to have more fun.
  • What to do when everybody is against you.
  • How to respond to difficult situations.
  • How to approach strangers and make friends.

And the list goes on….


Anime teaches us more than we realize.

But if you stopped for a moment and thought about it, you’d notice just how much Anime has taught you by mistake. 😉


Major Reasons Why Fans Love Anime So Much


Do you have anymore reasons to add?

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