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The Ultimate List Of “Space Brothers” Quotes That Will Give You Something To Think About

Uchuu Kyoudai Quotes (Space Brothers) by the following characters:

  • Mutta Namba.
  • Kenji Makabe.
  • Brian Jay.
  • Reiji Nitta.
  • Deneil Young.
  • Larry Bison.

Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai) is about 2 brothers who become astronauts together. And as with any anime that involves adventures, there’s plenty of  lessons and quotes to learn from.

So let’s talk about and share all the best quotes from the anime.


The BEST Uchuu Kyoudai Quotes (Space Brothers):


1. Mutta Nanba Quotes

Mutta Nanba quotes

“It only took a moment for everything to click. In that instant, I understood. A leader is somebody who can bring a sense of calm and excitement at the same time.” – Mutta Nanba


Mutta Nanba quotes 1

“There are people who don’t know you, who are saying a lot of awful things. But just saying stuff is easy, and anyone can do it. However…There’s no one out there who could take your place.” – Mutta Nanba


Mutta Nanba quotes 2

“An earnest failure has meaning.” – Mutta Nanba


Mutta Nanba quotes 3

“When you build something, you must be ready to spend time and money on failure. The best materials won’t always yield the best results. However, if you build something by improving on failure, you’ll end up with good results.” – Mutta Nanba


2. Deniel Young Quotes

deniel young quotes

“Some things can’t be prevented. The last of which, is death. All we can do is live until the day we die. Control what we can… and fly free!” – Deniel Young


deniel young quotes 1

“Do what you can until you learn what you need. If you’re going to try something, you may as well aim for the top.” – Deniel Young


deniel young quotes 2

“Well, life is like the weather. It can be sunny or cloudy. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it storms.” – Deniel Young


3. Jay Brian Quotes

jay brian quotes 1

“Are you prepared to die?”. Most astronauts answer with a simple “yes”, but you can say anything. It’s just a weak yes. You shouldn’t be prepared to die. Instead, you should have the resolve to live until the very end! If there’s someone who replies “no”, you can trust them.” – Jay Brian


4. Kenjii Makabe Quotes

kenji makabe quotes

“What took a very long time to build up takes mere moments to destroy. But you can always start over. Next time around, you’ll do a better job.” – Kenji Makabe


5. Reiji Nitta Quotes

reiji nitta quotes

“If you’re felling like there’s nowhere you belong… That you’re trapped in a small world. It’s those feelings that drive us beyond our world.” – Reiji Nitta


6. Larry Bison Quotes

larry bison quotes

“Confidence is a temporary condition, that lasts until you actually understand the situation.” – Larry Bison


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