How Tower Of God Is Competing With AOT, Demon Slayer & Black Clover for Popularity

tower of god anime character 1
Written by Theo J Ellis

Crunchyroll‘s Tower Of God is absolutely dominating the industry. It’s the anime jumping off everyone’s tongue.

And even though it’s not to the level of a Darling In The Franxx back in 2018, it’s impressive when you consider how #coronavirus is still interfering with the anime industry.

And the world in general.

Beyond that – Tower Of God’s competing with:

  • Attack On Titan
  • Demon Slayer
  • Black Clover

And other anime for its popularity right now. Meaning it’s just as recognizable when judging by statistics. Even though it’s only been over a month since it dropped.


Tower Of God’s Popularity

tower of god google trends

As expected – by looking at this trend graph, you can see Tower Of God’s trending upwards since April. When the anime released.

Since then – Tower Of God has managed to rise up the ranks and impress doubtful fans who weren’t sure of its quality.

Or whether Crunchyroll would “do it” right as far as adapting the material.

But ignoring that for a second…


tower of god vs aot demon slayer black clover google

  • Tower Of God (Blue)
  • Black Clover (Red)
  • Demon Slayer (Yellow)
  • Attack On Titan (Green)

In the last 30 days we can see Tower Of God is CLOSE to Attack On Titan, Black Clover And Demon Slayer for popular searches on Google.

Since the 20th of April Tower Of God has surpassed Attack On Titan. And after April 25th it surpassed Demon Slayer for popularity. With Black Clover a little ahead.

This is relevant because Google processes billions of results per day. So the data has clout.

Plus it’s one of the few ways to look at accurate data since the anime industry doesn’t share much of it.


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I mean Stray Kids fans are probably searching it up.

Anime librarian
Anime librarian

Thats pretty impressive though i’d be interested to see if it can keep that interest up.

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