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12 Of The Best Taboo Tattoo Quotes The Anime Has To Offer

Taboo Tattoo is an action/fantasy series I compare to Akame Ga Kill. Because both series have extreme violence, great action scenes and dark undertones.

Taboo Tattoo might not be as famous as Akame Ga Kill (or other shows), but it has some interesting quotes worth sharing. Both from an interesting perspective, and just pure entertainment.

Not to mention quotes that serve as a reminder of the anime itself.

Here they are…


Taboo Tattoo Quotes Worth Sharing:


1. Justice Akatsuka Quotes

Justice Akatsuka Quotes 2

“I’m gonna devour your idea of justice!” – Justice Akatsuka


Justice Akatsuka Quotes 3

“There’s a difference between someone who’s fighting to protect and someone who’s fighting to kill.” – Justice Akatsuka


Justice Akatsuka Quotes 4

“From the moment I decided to follow my fathers footsteps, I was prepared for danger.” – Justice Akatsuka


Justice Akatsuka Quotes 5

“I’ll get stronger so I can protect you, Touko.” – Justice Akatsuka


Justice Akatsuka Quotes 1

“I will choose my own path!” – Justice Akatsuka


2. Fluesy Bluesy Quotes

Fluesy Bluesy Quotes 2

“The void swallows everything. With no distinction between yourself and others,
living and non living.” – Fluesy Bluesy


Fluesy Bluesy Quotes 3

“You made two critical mistakes: the first was not killing me before my tattoo activated. The other was tearing up my brand new school uniform.” – Fluesy Bluesy


Fluesy Bluesy Quotes 1

“You can’t get what you want without compensation.” – Fluesy Bluesy

The world is all about giving and receiving. Or as Ai Enma puts it: “there always has to be a price.”


3. Touko Ichinose Quotes

Touko Ichinose Quotes 1

“Try not to let any weird girls get a hold of you, Mr ally of justice.” – Touko Ichinose


Touko Ichinose Quotes 2

“Seigi hates things that don’t follow logic.” – Touko Ichinose


4. Tom Shredfield Quotes

Tom Shredfield Quotes 1

“You’ve got guts, or maybe you’re just too nice.” – Tom Shredfield


Tom Shredfield Quotes 2

“Your tattoo creates a nothingness that swallows space, or in other words, a void, which is why it’s called void maker. And it’s quite unstable at that. Failure to control has the potential to result in the users death.” – Tom Shredfield


What quote post would you like to see next?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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