Sacred Sword Princesses: The Action Adventure Harem Hentai Game (Review)

Sacred Sword Princesses Hentai Game Review

What is better than an animated Sex scene with a ton of girls to obtain?

Auer Media Entertainment released an adventure game called Sacred Sword Princesses. Hope Studio and Nutaku cooperated on the game, which was released in February 2018.

Sacred Sword Princesses may be described as a hybrid of the adventure RPG and adult game genres.

Hope Studio and Nutaku both serve this as their main courses. This game was not only released for Android, but it was also available for PC.


So how widespread is the allure of the Sacred Sword Princesses?

Are Sacred Sword Princesses deserving of your attention as one of the Hentai games?

This post will give you a brief explanation of this exciting game.

As the main character, we must assemble a team to defend the virgin land from the legion of the beast and restore the serene female utopia’s harmony.

The main goal for us is to go with your harem and create romance while enjoying the sex scenes. That said, as we turn the page of the book, this will not be easy.

Sacred Sword Princesses is an adventure game with various levels of difficulty. The progress is put into each stage that players must complete in order.

Sacred Sword Princesses map nutaku

Each stage is spread out across each map that the players will travel around. The more the map is traveled, the more difficult the stage becomes.

This type of stage game is very common and feels really comfortable.

Sacred Sword Princesses also includes enough gaming aspects to keep the game from becoming monotonous and focusing solely on the stage.

  • Raid
  • Arena
  • Crafting
  • Tower of Trials

And daily missions are all included in Sacred Sword Princesses.

In addition to stage battles, the long list of features results in a game with a wide range of options but unfortunately, the row of features provided is a common feature found in many other titles in the same genre.#


Play a variety of characters in Sacred Sword Princess

Sacred Sword Princesses babes

  • Warrior-Knight
  • Mage-Priest
  • Ranger-Archer

These are the three major jobs for these heroes.

In addition, each character will have its own set of element properties.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air

These are the common elements you’ll encounter in the game.

Each character can be paired with weapons and armor to increase battle power. Each of these weapons can also be forged to increase the strength of the character.

The use of weapons must also pay attention to each similar set/uniform to obtain additional attributes.


We also need to increase the level and star of the character

Sacred Sword Princesses tiddies nutaku

The fastest level increase can use scroll items. The scroll items are divided into four elements (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air).

To get these items, players can do Daily Missions according to the desired scroll element.

Players who want their character to be strong instantly can use gacha by paying a certain nominal amount to buy Diamonds.

Later, Diamonds can be used to do gacha.

The Diamond Packages currently available are quite diverse. Moreover with Nutaku coin we could buy or use special features to make this game more entertaining than ever.


The animator has created excellent designs

Sacred Sword Princesses chibi game mechanics

Every strike or skill used by the character appears to be extremely lively. The fighting characters are drawn in a chibi style.

To reach their target market, developers appear to want to emphasize the amusing and adorable aspects of the game. 

Furthermore, the character designs outside of combat particularly in the plot cut-scenes are looking filthy and seductive.

With anime-style art, the female characters appear to be made to highlight some fantastic bodies with its detail that would make us aroused by watching them in their uncensored sex scenes.

Sacred Sword Princesses cover

Sacred Sword Princesses’ adult material appears to showcase these contents through the designs of numerous characters who proudly display their breasts and thighs.

The music for this game is quite appealing but it is not the focus point of playing Hentai games, right?

Sacred Sword Princesses actually has potential for a hentai game. Developers will also add features that will make this game more interesting in the future.


Start this game now, you’ll enjoy it