Ron Toye DELETES Twitter Account In Fear Of Vic Mignogna Appeals

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Ron Toye, as I mentioned months earlier in 2019 made his Twitter account private to avoid backlash. And to dodge anyone who tried grabbing evidence he kept to himself.

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Ron Toye made this decision not long after being one of the people to slander Vic with toxic sexual allegations against the Broly voice actor.

It’s a move typical of someone trying to defame you while indirectly getting more famous off of your misery. Or trying to make themselves look like the “good” guy.

Especially in this day and age.


But now? Ron Toye “deleted” his Twitter account in fear of court appeals

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In case you have no idea what’s going on, Vic Mignogna made an appeal the other week and his appeal was accepted in the court of law.

Once his appeal was accepted, voice actors like Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial have been panicking. Evidenced by their own tweets and the fear that drips from each word they write.

And as far as Ron Toye – in the court he was told “not” to touch or remove evidence in regards to the court case.

Anyone with common sense knows if you’re in court, trying to remove evidence is the equivalent of running away from the truth, avoiding something you don’t want, or trying to “rig” the outcome.

Or in other words: it means Ron Toye is afraid of what’s coming. 

That’s despite him and the other VA’S being the one’s who took part in this mess in the first place…

Ron Toye has essentially broke the law by making this move, and whatever happens next isn’t gonna end well.

It’s a shame this whole thing even exists. All it’s done is divide the anime community (the dubbing community more so), and it’s only gonna get worse.


News source: Twitter.



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