The Best Selection Of Re:Zero Merchandise For Your Wishlist

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Re:Zero is trending again with its new season making waves.

Buy merchandise from Re:Zero characters like:

  • Subaru Natsuki.
  • Rem.
  • Ram
  • Emilia.

And others…

Here’s the best pieces of merch to get started.


Re:Zero Merchandise:


1. Ram Chibi Mug

Ram Chibi Mug


2. Emilia Cute Sticker

Emilia Kawaii Sticker


3. Rem Maid Face Mask

Rem Maid Face Mask


4. Rem Dress Re:Zero T Shirt

Rem Dress T Shirt


5. Kawaii Rem Sticker

Rem Kawaii Sticker


6. Emilia T Shirt

Emilia T Shirt


7. Emilia Chibi Cushion

Emilia Chibi Cushion


8. Puck Re:Zero Mug 

Puck Re:Zero Mug


9. Rem & Ram Ecchi T Shirt

Rem & Ram Ecchi T Shirt


10. Subaru Quotes T Shirt

Subaru Quotes T Shirt


11. Subaru Natsuki Face Mask

Subaru Face Mask


12. Subaru Emilia Chibi Laptop Bag

Emilia Subaru Chibi Laptop Bag


13. Subaru Emilia Waifu Sticker

Subaru Emilia Waifu Sticker


14. Emilia Notebook

Emilia Notebook


15. Emilia Wall Art

Emilia Wall Art


16. Chibi Rem Ram Face Mask

Chibi Rem Ram Face Mask


17. Puck Family Re:ZERO T Shirt

Puck Family T Shirt


18. Felt Re:Zero Sticker

Felt Re:Zero Sticker


19. Beatrice Chibi Mug

Beatrice Red Mug


20. Beatrice Red T Shirt

Beatrice Red T Shirt


21. Subaru Julius Notebook

Subaru Julius Notebook


22. Re:Zero Characters T Shirt

Re:Zero Characters T Shirt


23. Rem Maid Sticker

Rem Maid Sticker


24. Beatrice Subaru Sticker

Beatrice Subaru Sticker


25. Beatrice Book T Shirt

Beatrice Book Red T Shirt


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