25 Most Popular Anime Opening Theme Songs, According To YouTube

25 Most Popular Anime Opening Theme Songs, According To YouTube

Last time I talked about anime opening songs that are so good, they make you curious enough to watch the anime itself.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with it.

21 Anime Opening Songs That Will Entice You To Watch Each Series

But this time around I wanna focus on:

  • Popular anime songs by YouTube views.

So that’s what you can expect from this post: popular anime songs according to YouTube, by how many views each opening theme song has.

Let’s get started.


25 Of The Most Popular Anime Opening Songs (YouTube):


1. Your Name Opening Song – Video Version (74M+ views)

Your Name is one of the most successful anime movies of all time.

In fact – few anime have sold as much as Your Name. So the view count shouldn’t surprise if you think about how BIG the movie is.

Along with the music being popular with anime fans and non-fans.


2. Attack On Titan Opening – Guren No Yumiya (72M+ Views)

Attack On Titan is a close 2nd to Your Name, with 72M views in total.

The popularity of this anime goes without saying.


3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening  (40M+ Views)

As you can tell – popular anime have it “easy” when it comes to their popularity for opening songs.

Or is it that they’re so good that they get so many views?


4. Deadman Wonderland Music Opening Intro (34M+ Views)

Deadman Wonderland is the kind of anime you love or hate. But even i admit – the music deserves the view count.


5. Guilty Crown Official Opening Song (32M+ Views)


6. Noragami Aragoto Kyouran Hey Kids – Opening Song (32M+ Views)


7. My Hero Academia Official Opening (31M+ Views)


8. Angel Beats Opening Song – My Soul, Your Beats (30M+ Views)


9. My Hero Academia Opening Song Season 2 (29M+ Views)


10. Ghost In The Shell – Inner Universe Opening (28M+ Views)


11. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening 1 (27M+ Views)


12.  Tokyo Ghoul – Unravel Opening Song (27M+ Views)


13. Black Clover Opening Theme Song 3 (22M+ Views)


14. Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening Song (21M+ Views)


15. Erased OP Opening :Re Theme (20M+ Views)


16. Your Name Opening Song: “Yumetourou” (20M+ Views)


17. Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening (16M+ Views)


18. Death Parade OP Opening “Flyers” (15M+ Views)


19. Naruto Shippuden Opening Song 16 (11M+ Views)


20. The Seven Deadly Sins Opening Song 2 (11M+ Views)


21. Pokemon Opening Theme Song – I Want To Be The Very Best (10M+ Views)


22. Parasyte Let Me Hear Opening Song (9M+ Views)


23. Mob Psycho 100 Opening Song “99” (9M+ Views)


24. Kakegurui Opening Song – Deal With The Devil (8M+ Views)


25. Code Geass Opening Song 1 (8M+ Views)


These videos (and their view counts) were found by searching: “Anime opening songs” on YouTube.



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