A List Of Phantom Requiem Quotes For Fans Of The Series

Phantom Requiem Quotes taken from the main characters:

  • Ein.
  • Scythe Master.
  • Cal Devens.

Phantom Requiem is a Seinen series, produced by Bee Train. With dark themes and an atmosphere similar to an anime like Psycho Pass.

In this post you’ll find only the best quotes from Phantom Requiem, regardless of whether it’s dark, meaningful or otherwise.

Let’s get started.


1. Cal Devens Quotes

“Please tell me, if I could never have happiness in real life, can’t I at least get to dream about it sometimes?” – Cal Devens


2. Scythe Master Quotes

“This has nothing to do with will. There is neither an egg that refuses to hatch nor a seed that evades it’s eventual sprouting.” – Scythe Master


3. Ein Quotes

“If this world wasn’t a complete hell for me, that’s because you were alive.” – Ein


“Dreams are illusions. All they do is interfere with reality.” – Ein


“We are not concerned yet. Control your emotions. The one who can’t do that will die.” – Ein

Featured image source: Phantom Requiem Wallpaper



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