A Collection Of The Most Meaningful Quotes From “Code Breaker”

Code Breaker anime quotes taken from the characters:

  • Toki Fujiwara.
  • Ogami Rei.

Code Breaker is a high school fantasy series, focused on a girl who knows martial arts. And a male character with mysterious powers.

It was produced by Kinema Citrus (Studio).

Whether you’ve seen the anime or not, here are all the best quotes from Code Breaker.

Quotes that will leave an impression on you and that you can take meaning from.

Here it is.


1. Toki Fujiwara Quotes

“I could kill you, but I wont become like you, who uses power for his own egoism.” – Toki Fujiwara


2. Ogami Rei Quotes

“Don`t you… decide everything by yourself!! I don`t care about being pathetic or getting anything in return… People cannot possibly choose their own birthplace, but they can choose their own death that’s why I became a “Code Breaker”. I`ll burn down all evil as long as I`m still alive… to the very last second of my life… nothing more than that!!” – Ogami Rei


“If someone’s going to disappear, it’s better not to exist in the first place.” – Ogami Rei


“Death is too good for trash like you. This is your punishment which is even harder than death. Atone for your sin by living… A life of fulfillment.” – Ogami Rei


“If you let yourself get depressed, you’d be making light of the people who trust and follow you.” – Ogami Rei


“Giving into the pain and thinking you want to die just means you’ve been spoiled by life. If you don’t want to die, then don’t act spoiled. Suffer through life; crawl through life. Stick it out till the very end. If you still want to die after that, come find me. I’ll end you.” – Ogami Rei


“I dislike things. When a person dies, their things are left behind. I`d like to take care of mine ahead of time.” – Ogami Rei


“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, evil for evil.” – Ogami Rei


“Do you resent me? If you do, then keep on living and come kill me. I’ll remember you. I’ll never forget you.” – Ogami Rei


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