Blackanese Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Inspires New Manga by Pretty Cure Creators

Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Inspires Manga From Precure Manga Creators

Naomi Osaka, a Haitian/Japanese tennis star in Japan has made headlines this year. For many different issues.

She was a positive influence in relation to the conversation surrounding BLM (black lives matter).

She was also the first Japanese Tennis player to win the US Open Grand Slam!


A new manga

naomi osaka anime manga character

Naomi’s influence as a tennis star and celeb has inspired a new manga series.

The manga is based on Naomi Osaka herself, as the main character. And is being developed by the original Pretty Cure creators.

It was announced by the official Twitter account.


The new manga is called “Unrivaled NAOMI Tenkaichi”

As an anime and manga fan, and growing up on both, Naomi responded to the Tweet with respect.

Naomi Osaka has also been represented tastefully with an almost identical design in art form.


What fans are saying

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