The Coolest My Hero Academia Cosplay Outfits You Should Consider Buying

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This is a post in partnership with RoleCosplay (as an affiliate).

It’s no secret how popular My Hero Academia is. And with a 4th season coming in 2019, the franchise will only swell even more and grow bigger in the anime industry.

If you’re looking for:

  • My Hero Academia cosplay outfits.

And everything in between, Role Cosplay has you covered.

Let’s share some of the best cosplay outfits on sale from the MHA series.


My Hero Academia Cosplay for Sale:


1. Bakugou Katsuki Cosplay Leotards Costume


my hero academia katsuki bakug anime cosplay costumes leotards 3  1

my hero academia katsuki bakug anime cosplay costumes leotards 6

This is a costume of Bakugou Katsuki from My Hero Academia.

The full outfit and style is included with all sizes (small to XL). And you can even get a custom size, too!

Bakugou Katsuki Cosplay for Sale


2. Izuku Midoriya Cosplay Shoes

my hero academia izuku midoriya cosplay shoes 3 my hero academia izuku midoriya cosplay shoes 2

Izuki Midoriya shoes will help you complete your cosplay outfit for Deku. The main hero in MHA!

Izuku Midoriya Cosplay Shoes for Sale


3. Nejire Hado Bodysuit Jumpsuit Cosplay 

my hero academia nejire hado bodysuit jumpsuit cosplay costume 3

Nejire Hado’s outfit from My Hero Academia – in cosplay form!

my hero academia nejire hado bodysuit jumpsuit cosplay costume 1

Nejire Hado Jumpsuit for Sale


4. Nejire Hado Blue Cosplay Wig for Sale

my hero academia nejire hado blue long cosplay wigs 2

For female anime fans who want to cosplay as Nejire – this wig, along with the bodysuit will go perfect.

Nejire Hado Cosplay Wig for Sale


5. My Hero Academia Summer Short Sleeve Cosplay Uniform

my hero academia summer short sleeve uniform cosplay costumes 3

Summer short sleeve uniforms, taken from the female anime characters school outfits in My Hero Academia!

Summer Short Sleeve Cosplay Uniform for Sale


6. Kai Chisaki Cosplay Costume My Hero Academia

my hero academia kai chisaki cosplay costume prop custom made 3  1

Full cosplay outfit for Kai Chisaki from MHA.

Kai Chisaki Cosplay Outfiti for Sale


7. Tokoyami Fumikage Head Props & Cosplay My Hero Academia

my hero academia tokoyami fumikage head props and cosplay costume 4

This outfit comes with a head for Tokoyami’s cosplay costume. And a separate full black outfit to complete the look.

Tokoyami Cosplay Outfit for Sale


8. Izuku Midoriya Battle Costume Anime Cosplay Outfit

izuku midoriya

Izuku Midoriya’s battle costume is now a cosplay item for anime fans. Retaining all the same original gear!

Izuku Midoriya Battle Costume Cosplay for Sale


9. Tsuyu Asui Beautiful Long Dress My Hero Academia Cosplay

my hero academia tsuyu asui anime cosplay costumes beautiful long dress

Tsuyu Asui has become a waifu in the anime community for her cute looks and style.

Now you can also show off that same style from My Hero Academia, with Tsuyu Asui’s green cosplay dress!

Tsuyu Asui Long Dress Cosplay for Sale


10. My Hero Academia Pussy Cat Three Colors Cosplay

my hero academia pussy cat three colors cosplay costume 18

Wear the same outfit as the PUSSY CAT from My Hero Academia. All accessories and items included.

Pussy Cat Cosplay - Buy Now


11. Tsuyu Asui Green Battle Costume Cosplay Outfit









Tsuyu Asui’s hero outfit, used in battle situations in the anime series. Get the full suit right here. 🙂

Tsuyu Asui Battle Cosplay - Buy Now


12. Izuku Midoriya MHA White Cosplay Cloak Outfit










A quirky white cloak outfit for your next cosplay of Midoriya. With an image of All Might’s face planted on the front.

Izuku Midoriya White Cloak - Buy Now


13. Toga Himiko School Cosplay Uniform Outfit






Toga – the enemy of the main hero’s is beloved in the MHA community. And now you can roleplay with her cosplay uniform. 😉

Toga Himiko School Uniform Cosplay - Buy Now


14. Momo Yaoyorozu Original Anime Cosplay Outfit

my hero academia momo yaoyorozu women anime cosplay costumes

Momo’s slightly revealing red outfit, and unique set of designs. All wrapped into the perfect cosplay outfit.

Momo Original Cosplay Outfit - Buy Now


15. Shoto Todoroki Full Set Anime Cosplay Outfit

11 74 6

Grab the full set for Shoto Todoroki’s snappy MHA costume.

Shoto Todoroki Full Set Cosplay- Buy Now


16. Shoto Todoroki Halloween Vampire Cosplay

my hero academia sh to todoroki anime halloween vampire cosplay costume 2

Grab Shoto Todoroki’s vampire Halloween costume in time for Halloween!

Shoto Todoroki Halloween Cosplay- Buy Now


17. Bakugo Katsuki Battle Costume Anime Cosplay






Bakugo Katsuki, the main protagonist is known for his unique battle costume in MHA.

This cosplay outfit comes with the entire outfit, gloves, accessories, and everything you need to feel like Bakugo in the flesh.

Bakugo Katsuki Battle Cosplay on Sale


18. Ochako Uraraka Battle Costume Cosplay

11 27 2

Ochako’s original battle outfit from the Hero Exams, and every other battle scenario in the anime!

Ochako Uraraka Cosplay - Buy Now


19. Kaminari Denki Black Cosplay Outfit


One of the class D members – Kaminari Denki, and his full outfit from top to bottom!

Kaminari Denki Cosplay on Sale


20. All Might Battle Costume Anime Cosplay MHA

cos  1 1

All Might’s classic battle costume, with belt, style, graphics, and everything captured from the anime series.

All Might Battle Costume on Sale


21. Yamada Hizashi Cosplay Wig Blonde 

my hero academia yamada hizashi blond cosplay wig 1

Get the crazy hairstyle of Hizashi, the announcer for the UA tournament in My Hero Academia!

All Might Battle Costume on Sale


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