The 18+ Greatest Monster Musume Quotes For Anime Fans

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Written by Anime Motivation

Monster Musume quotes taken from characters:

  • Rachnera Arachnera.
  • Miia.
  • Suu.
  • Centoria Shianus.

Monster Musume is a famous ecchi/harem series with plenty of fan service. Made by studio Lerche.

Some quotes are more than just the fan service. While others reflect the anime‘s comedy and other memorable moments.

Here’s the best quotes from Monster Musume.


1. Centorea Shianus Quotes

“Truly, I am most taken by the enchantment of this Japanese land! Never did I dream that I would encounter my destined partner by charging into a crossroads at full speed!” – Centorea Shianus


“Where are thy priorities, impudent chick!” – Centorea Shianus


2. Rachnera Arachnera Quotes

“You’re free to like or hate whoever you want.” – Rachnera Arachnera


“To throw away three million yen like that….he must be a kind person….with something vile inside….how disgusting.” – Rachnera Arachnera


“I really do hate humans….I really do.” – Rachnera Arachnera


“Oh, wow – I can’t believe you bit through my thread! I guess that isn’t the only part of you that’s rock-hard!” – Rachnera Arachnera


“I’m just letting you know, I’m not telling you this because I want your pity! I’m just fed up with humans, that’s all! They tell lie after lie, only accepting people who are the same as they are! Humans are such hypocrites!” Rachnera Arachnera


“So you’re trying to accept everyone and their feelings, aren’t you? I think you already know this, but if you keep trying to do this “accepting” thing with everyone, you’re liable to be torn to bits.” – Rachnera Arachnera


“Now what am I going to do with you….you’re already making quite a ruckus.” – Rachnera Arachnera


“You get turned on by spider legs? You really are a pervert!” – Rachnera Arachnera


“Pretending to get along is just hypocritical. If you don’t like me, that’s fine. People are free to like and hate what they want.” – Rachnera Arachnera


3. Miia Quotes

“When I first came here…you know, we Lamias are shy about meeting new people. I’m half-snake… so I was worried that you’d be scared of me. But you weren’t bothered by my snake body. In fact you went out of your way for me. And accepted me with a smile.” – Miia


“I’m so jealous I could just moult!” – Miia


“Welcome home, Darling! What would you like to do first? Dinner? A bath? Or me?” – Miia


“Sheesh! And I thought I was cold-blooded!” – Miia


“On a date! On a date! I’m going on a date today! On a date today with my Darling!” – Miia


4. Suu Quotes

“I don’t need food. I can get nutrients from anything I can dissolve.” – Suu


“He doesn’t have any money for food, and five freeloaders just showed up and ate all of his shit, so he’s a little pissed about it.” – Suu


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