Japanese Man Arrested For Having 1500+ Fake Nezuko Figurines (Demon Slayer)

Man arrested in Japan with 1500 fake Nezuko figures from popular Demon Slayer anime

Nezuko is in the news lately when it comes to figurines and toys.

Just recently it was this: Girlfriend Throws Away $3,300 Nezuko Anime Figures, So Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her

That was days ago.

This time it’s about a 26 year old Japanese man in western Japan, in possession of 1500 fake Nezuko figurines.

Considering the insane popularity of Demon Slayer and Nezuko, it’s really no surprise why he was caught red handed.

You’re asking for it by having fakes of such a famous item that even non-anime fans are aware of.


Fake Nezuko Figures

nezuko fake figurines 2

According to Mainichi.JP:

“According to Yamaguchi Prefectural Police’s Yamaguchi Minami Police Station, Shinichi Takemoto, 41, a company employee living in the Okayama Prefecture city of Kasaoka, stands accused of violating the Trademark Act and the Copyright Act. He has admitted to the allegations and told investigators that he knew the figures were counterfeits.”

It continues:

“He is specifically accused of selling one of them for 3,600 yen (about $35) including shipping. Investigators found him in possession of 1,531 palm-sized fake figures of Nezuko, which he apparently intended to sell, on Oct. 29.

The police station had been investigating after a buyer from the city of Yamaguchi reported around late May that the figure they had purchased was poorly crafted. Authorities are investigating how Takemoto obtained the fake figures.”

News source: Nanako Hori, Okayama Bureau.



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