Is Harem Anime BAD? Well, It All Comes Down To This

harem anime wallpaper cute girls

Is Harem anime bad? That depends on who you ask.

Harem anime is statistically one of the WORST genres in the industry.

I say statistically because:

  • Reviews
  • Ratings

And things along those lines aren’t the best for Harem anime shows.

harem clique

When you think of harem THIS is what usually comes to mind.

A cliche protagonist with a “bland” personality, surrounded by girls he could never hope or DREAM of talking to. But somehow becomes a love magnet.

Worst of all: he’s indecisive so none of the girls ever get chosen.

That’s probably what people mean when they say harem anime is bad.

Thought of this way it’s easy to believe it is a pile of sh*t. And has no place in the anime industry.

It’s not like harem anime happen to be the best shows ever made, right?

harem anime myanimelist

And If we judge it by ratings, harem anime has an average of 7/10.

Not bad. Not spectacular. Decent at best and in fact – we can all point to an anime in the 7 range that we love to death so again – not bad in a literal sense.

I’m not the biggest fan of using reviews to make a point, but it’s a point none the less and it does tell a story.

It’s just not the full story.

The rest of that story is something I’ll talk about now.


Harem Anime’s “bad” points:


1. Lack of creativity

There are over 400 anime shows in the harem genre. That’s not a lot.

Compare that to Shounen, a genre with almost 2000+. Same with slice of life,romance, comedy and adventure.

The difference between the harem genre and other genres is the awful ratings. Or the ratio I should say.

This isn’t surprising when you get familiar with the average harem series and you see the lack of creativity.

A lot of harem do the same things and feel like copied and pasted versions of different shows by different studios.

harem anime protagonist surrounded by girls

Take this “harem” anime as an example.

Without knowing what it is, does this look any different to the dozens you’ve already seen?

Without knowing the plot, do the designs seem creative at the least? Or the outfits?

Doesn’t matter if it’s surface level (what you can see) or under the surface (plot, angle, etc), harem anime don’t try to differentiate.

Studios just pump em out like they’re in a hurry, and few feel good enough to be entertaining.


2. Copy n paste protagonists

harem protagonists designs 1

There are exceptions, but the average harem protagonist has:

  • Black/Brown hair.
  • Kirito-looking facial features.
  • Average design.

You can spot one in a heart beat. And what’s what makes harem anime lose their appeal when you already know what’s gonna happen. And how they’re gonna behave.

Even the female characters in harem anime are the same.

Back to point #1 there’s no creativity here at all.

The MC is blander than watching paint dry, and somehow the girls “want” a piece of the protagonist…

Even though he hasn’t earned it, or has anything about him that stands out.

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3. Dull characters

harem protagonists normal looking

Harem anime protagonsits are almost always drawn to look:

  • Normal
  • Bland
  • Basic

It’s almost as if it’s done this way to give the viewer “confidence” that even a bland person can pull 20 girls and have them all falling over themselves to be near you.

In all seriousness though, a lot of these characters aren’t memorable. And only the stellar ones stay in a person’s mind long after they’ve watched the anime.

That doesn’t reflect the average harem protagonist though, and it doesn’t reflect even a fair amount of them.


But Harem Anime isn’t all bad

Harem anime isn’t inherently bad.

On the surface It’s just like any other anime genre.

It has:

  • cliches
  • tropes
  • expectations
  • certain plots and characters
  • Certain elements
  • And so on
nisekoi anime harem

And of course – not all harems are made equal.

Nisekoi is actually a solid anime in the harem genre. Its ratings are higher than the average for a harem. There’s a good reason why.

The characters are MORE than just some silly girls hanging around the main protagonist and being cute for cute’s sake.

There’s a story, a personality, some depth, progression and even relatability to them.

They feel like people and not just an object or a cliche with lazy writing and a lazy plot filled with fan service.

kosaki onodera and chitoge kirisaki anime

Onodera is a good example.

She likes the protagonist and has for a long time. They’ve known each other for a good while.

She doesn’t just come out of nowhere and start falling in love.

Same is true for Chitoge (blonde hair). Her family’s at war with the main character, and that’s where she falls into the picture.

saekano megumi and tomoya

Saekano is like that as well.

Yes there are “moments” when the harem cliches take center stage. But for the most part it’s a harem that goes beyond its cliches and gives you more.

It avoids overloading you with the usual BS just because it sells.

Each female main character has their own identity, and none are the same. It’s not tiddies every 5 seconds either, even though it’s an Ecchi and that’s a solid element.

And even though the MALE protagonist is designed in a“typical” way-ish, he ends up being more than that himself.

I won’t sit here and act like “all harem is bad”. I’ve barely watched 50 or 100 (if that).

But some of the more popular and recommended ones can have “that” kind of reputation, so it makes sense why so many think harem anime is bad.

Just look at the cheap tactics and all the nonsense the industry puts out when it comes to harem. It’s hard not to see it as one of the worst anime genres.

It’s probably made even worse when you realize there are anime that aren’t labelled as harem, but have “harem” elements in them as well.

But in the end – harem has potential, even if there are bad things about it.

You just have to look a little harder to find gems, and that’s true until the industry doe something about it.

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9 thoughts on “Is Harem Anime BAD? Well, It All Comes Down To This

  1. Tormenta says:

    Alice, you said everything that needs to be said lol,
    & your opinion is valid no matter how long you’ve watched anime it doesn’t define your fandom so thanks

  2. Tormenta says:

    Most definitely bro

    I come from urban environments but grew up on anime so I normally don’t find people I can relate with on these subjects lol

    But after turning 25, I hit the switch and started caring less about what people think and started doing what i like & honestly its the best thing i could’ve done

    • Theo J Ellis says:

      Same here man. I’m from the city (Manchester), it’s as urban as you get. So I hear you and know where you’re coming from.

      There’s no feeling like doing the things you want to do (instead of what society expects you to do). I’ve never been happier since and it’s one of the most important decisions (and smartest) a person can make. Makes life easier too.

  3. Alice Harcourt says:

    I’ve only been watching anime for a little over a year, now, so I’m probably not qualified to have an opinion, but here goes:

    I’ve watched a few so-called harem anime, & I don’t understand why everyone hates it so much! I think it’s got a very undeserved bad rap.

    To begin with, “harem protagonists,” in the shows I’ve watched, at least, seem to typically be gentle, hard-working guys who are thrust into a situation they don’t want to be in, but are still determined to put the welfare of the girls they wind up looking after ahead of their own. They’re generally self-sacrificing & kind.

    Most of them aren’t “playing the field,” cuz they only have the one girl they care about, & aren’t interested in anyone else. They’re faithful & committed. And I really admire that they are NOT taking advantage of all the hotties they’re stuck living with. They see these girls as precious, down-on-their-luck human beings deserving of respect & honor, instead of just tits & ass to be used & discarded. They are noble & upright.

    If they are nervous & clumsy around these girls, who can possibly blame them?! Waifus are hot by definition! What decent, woman-respecting man wouldn’t be jumpy if he spent all his time trying to avoid appearing lewd in front of a houseful of beautiful women, only to be cursed to always walk in on them naked or fall facedown in their giant breasts? They are respectful to a fault.

    Now, I can’t speak for anyone else & I don’t pretend to understand the female mind, but I was raised by & around women, & I know the women I know would be far more likely to go for someone like the lowly harem protag who treats them with respect & dignity, than some sweaty ape who just wanted to use them for an easy f**k.

    And let’s not be naive here, harem anime is wish fulfillment for lonely, nerdy otakus who wouldn’t usually have a chance of being noticed by a hot girl if for no other reason than normies, guy & girl alike, tend to label all anime fans as hopeless, perverted losers just for liking something as “uncool” as anime. I think the reason most harem protags are so maligned is that anime fans don’t want to admit that they really see themselves as the lowly, hopeless losers they label the harem protags to be, only without any of the qualities that would actually land them the role if the opportunity ever arose.

    That’s my $.05 worth, anyway.

    • Theo J Ellis says:

      That’s a good perspective. I didn’t consider that. It’s not so much about you not watching anime for so long, it’s more about interpretation.

      You’ve said everything that needs to be said.

  4. Tormenta says:

    Yea I’m currently getting into voiceover so I’ve been “Studying” a bunch of anime and for harem they need the protagonist to be alpha or at least turn into one eventually like high school DxD so he “protects” the girl but what’s life without variety a lot of things tend to flop sometimes even high budget films. In my opinion if you like something you just do

  5. Tormenta says:

    There might be a lot of harem that lacks creativity but, some times ill watch a series and feel like I know how it’s going to end and then something pops out of the blue and changes the dynamic of the story. I feel like if they invest in anime of that genre just like everything they have to go all the way typically the best ones include action packed scenes and a male protagonist that steps up to the plate and doesn’t simp too hard lol

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