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15 Awesome Good Smile Company Figures To Get Your Hands On

Good Smile Company Figures To Get Your Hands On

Good Smile Company is the most famous anime figure company in the world.

Or at least it’s easy to see why it seems that way.

After all there isn’t a month or a year when they’re not announcing new products.

Especially new Nendoroid figures and even PVC Statues.

Plus collaboration figures with Max Factory + others.

Here at Anime Motivation we stock plenty and it’s our most popular figure brand.

With that said, here are 15 good smile company figures you might want to check out.

And if you need to see the full ist, you can hit the link below!



Good Smile PVC Figures:


1. Shigure Casual Kantai Collection Statue

Good Smile Company Figures
Shigure Kantai Collection.


Shgiure, the well-loved Kancolle (Kantai Collection) character.

With a casual outfit, glasses and a digital camera hanging from her neck.

As of 2017 this is one of the latest good smile company figures in stock at Anime Motivation.

With a special display base that will look good in your room!

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2. Vira Summer Granblue Fantasy PVC Statue

Good Smile Company Figures
Vira from Granblue Fantasy.


2nd we have Vira from the 2017 anime series: Granblue Fantasy. 

And Good Smile has given her a beach display base with the water coming in.

Plus her familiar outfit from one of the beach scenes in the Granblue Fantasy anime show.


3. Yotsugi Ononoki DX Tsukimonotagari Statue

Good Smile Company Figures
Yotsugi from Tsukimonotagari anime.


3rd we have Yotsugi from the Tsukimonotagari anime series.

Filled with cute toys, plushies and furry animals by Yotsugi’s feet while in her throne.

Another top notch figure by Good Smile Company to add to your wishlist!


4. Rin Shibuya Crystal Night Party Idolmaster Statue

Good Smile Company Figures
Rin Shibuya from the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.


4th good smile company figure to consider is Rin Shibuya. Taken from the famous Idolmaster series.

Which first started out as a video game.

Rin Shibuya comes in her classic outfit with a quality feel and touch from top to bottom.

And an elegant pose that will look beautiful in any environment.


5. Alisa Illinichina Amiella God Eater PVC Statue

Good Smile Company Figures
Alisa from God Eater action anime.


5th good smile company figure to consider is Alisa from God Eater.

An action anime with vibes similar to Attack on Titan or Claymore.

Alisa’s beautiful figure along with a relaxed pose with her god arc by her side.

Plus the rocky display base makes for a realistic looking God Eater figurine of Alisa.

And the quality is really powerful.


6. Vignette Destruction Wonderful Hobby PVC Statue

Good Smile Company Figures
Vignette from De De De De Destruction manga.


6th we have the Vignette PVC Statue from the Manga series: De De De De Destruction.

It’s like a picture packed with cheerful, crazy, energetic parts, pieces and characters all in one.

With a unique display base for Vignette’s figurine.

This will stand out among any crowd of anime figures.


7. Eriri Spencer Swimsuit Saekano PVC Statue

Good Smile Company Figures
Eriri Spencer from How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend.


And the last PVC Statue we recommend is Eriri Spencer from the Good Smile Company.

Eriri’s kicking back in her swimsuit having a good time in the beautiful weather.

Now all she needs is a home and in return she’ll give you a warm smile to remember her by.


Good Smile Nendoroid Figures:


8. Genos One Punch Man Nendoroid Figure

Good Smile Company Figures
Genos from the One Punch Man anime series.


8th is Genos from One Punch Man.

Siatama’s right hand man. And he comes with a large amount of action poses and facial expressions.

Plus the “cleaning up” version to help Genos keep your home nice and tidy.


9. Meteora Re:Creators Nendoroid Figure

Good Smile Company Figures
Meteora from 2017 fantasy anime: Re:Creators!


9th is Meteora from Re:Creators anime series. And she comes with a set of action poses and expressions.

Including parts to help you perform her magic spells!

If you’re a fan of the ongoing series this is a must.

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10. Edward Elric FMA Nendoroid Figure

Good Smile Company Figures
Edward Elric from FMA.


10th is Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. One of the highest rated anime shows out there.

Edward comes in his classic alchemist gear plus some cool parts and poses to bring his figure to life.


11. Cocoa Is The Order A Rabbit Nendoroid Figure

Good Smile Company Figures
Cocoa, the cutesy from Is The Order A Rabbit? Anime.


11th is Cocoa from Is The Order A Rabbit?

And she’s ready to serve you with a nice cup of tea and whatever’s on your mind.

Kawaii face plates are included right out the box for you to try out and rearrange. Helping you connect with this kind hearted character.


12. Mitsuha Miyamizu Your Name Nendoroid Figure

Good Smile Company Figures
Your name nendoroid figure.


12th is Mitsuha from the famous anime movie: Your Name! Which has gone on to be a massive seller in the anime business.

Claim your official good smile nendoroid figure at Anime Motivation.


13. Yuri Plisetsky Yuri On Ice Nendoroid

Good Smile Company Figures
Yuri on ice Nendoroid figure.


13th is Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri On ice. One of the known Ice scaters from the anime series.

And Good Smile has packed him with a fun set of facial expressions and poses for you to gasp at.


14. Saya Yamabuki Bang Dream Nendoroid

Good Smile Company Figures
Saya Yambuki from BanG Dream!


14th is Saya Yamabuki from BanG Dream. A musical anime series + slice of life.

And of course – Saya comes with her instruments and drums to make some quality music.

And enjoy one of the greatest passions!


15. Warspite Kantai Collection Nendoroid Figure

Good Smile Company Figures
Warspite class from Kancolle.


and finally – we have Warspite class from Kancolle. Also known as Kantai Collection.

And she comes packed with weapons, artillery and her battle ship gear from Kancolle.

Plus some cool optional parts courtesy of Good Smile Company.


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