How Funimation Merging With Aniplex Will IMPACT The Anime Industry (And What Fans Are Saying)

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2 days ago it was announced that Funimation will merge with Aniplex. In an attempt for Sony to “strengthen” the reach of Funimation in the streaming business.

funimation aniplex merge

What this means is both Funimation and Aniplex will join forces to conquer the anime industry and extend their global reach.

Here’s what SONY says about Funimation merging with Aniplex:

Anime is a growing area of importance for us at Sony Pictures Television. By combining these businesses, we immediately increase our global reach and expertise in [subscription] VOD, theatrical, home video, merchandising, events and more.”


It’s all about access

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In 2019 Sony Pictures bought Manga Entertainment, a distributor of Manga and anime in the UK.

They also own Wakanim and Madman Anime.

And with the latest merging of Funimation and Aniplex, that means Funimation will have access to anime licenses like Fate Grand Order. And the Fate series itself going forward.

That also means Aniplex’s catalogue will be Funimation‘s catalogue, giving Funimation access to 49 countries worldwide for anime distribution.

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Is this a BAD thing for the anime industry?

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Not too long ago in September, Crunchyroll announced they partnered up with Viz Media. Giving them even more reach in the anime industry as far as distribution and marketing.

And now with Funimation merging with Aniplex and gaining more power than any other anime streaming site, FANS are starting to worry.

There’s a reason why anime fans believe this is a bad thing.

Let’s get into that.


Why Fans Say Funimation Merging With Aniplex Is A BAD Thing:


1. More censorship in the anime industry and watered down shows

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A LOT of anime fans don’t realize how many of their favorite anime are censored left right and center.

Of course we’re talking about anime OUTSIDE of Japan, and mostly in the west. But it happens more often than you think.

Remember Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid? Funimation censored that in more ways than some fans are aware of.

miss kobayashi dub censorship

Funimation is known for censorship across dozens and dozens of anime series. Even anime like Dragon Ball Z have been censored, proving this has been going on for a years at this point.

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And not only that – a lot of this western censorship of anime has a hidden agenda. And sometimes it’s used to promote some bullsh*t political nonsense that benefits these companies at OUR own expense.


What anime fans are ACTUALLY saying

Here are some responses from Reddit, YouTube and social media:


“Greater western control in anime? Great I guess we should enjoy the time we have left B4 the Twinkle Town perverts destroy Manga & Anime!”


“basically news has come out that Aniplex and Funimation are merging under the auspices of Sony. This is not going to end well.”


“Stay strong Japan, these disgusting maggots will ruin your products.”


“The world is coming to an end Funimation and Sony are gonna destroy anime.”


“A new age of 4kids is upon us. Dark times are ahead.”

The “general” theme is anime fans believe SONY will censor MORE anime going forward. Since that’s what Sony does with their video games.

So a lot of the anime you watch in future “could” be sugar-coated and far from the “real” thing if you’re a fan of anime dubs.


2. Funimation controversy, audio leaks and Vic Mignogna

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Some of the biggest anime news outside Japan is Funimation’s audio leaks from the end of August 2019.

A couple of voice actors recorded incest, derogatory comments on air behind the voices of Vegeta, Goku, and many other Dragon Ball characters.

The audio leaks are 10-15+ years old.

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And in spite of all the controversy and drama, Funimation stayed quiet. And hasn’t spoken about it.

Since then a lot of their VA’S (voice actors) have stirred up some controversy that’s separate from the audio leaks itself.


And then there’s the Vic Mignogna news

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This by itself is one of the BIGGEST pieces of anime news in 2019.

Vic Mignogna, the voice actor for Broly in Dragon Ball Super was FIRED for a jellybean joke that was supposedly “sexual harassment”.

Anime conventions, companies, and more have now blacklisted Vic Mignogna over these allegations.

A lot of the allegations hold no weight but the damage has already been done to Vig Mignogna’s career.

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This is part of the reason tons of anime fans are calling Funimation hypocrites for staying quiet with the audio leaks.

It’s also why VERY few fans are optimistic about Funimation merging with Aniplex. And the “shady” dealings with Funimation behind the scenes leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth.


3. Western politics, feminism and SJW culture

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Japan doesn’t give a f*ck about social justice warriors, FAKE feminism and western politics.

The director behind The Rising Of The Shield Hero pointed this out after the backlash from US anime fans. After all – none of the backlash is grounded in reality or common sense.

shield hero video

The same thing has happened with a lot of anime over the years, which fits well with the “censorship” that’s happening with companies like Funimation.

Sword Art Online‘s 3rd season also received backlash earlier this year in 2019.

The list goes on and on and on….


And that’s why fans believe Funimation merging with Aniplex is a “BAD” thing

With all this censorship in the west in general, and FAKE feminists who point fingers at anything they consider “offensive”, the future of anime comes into question.

  • What happens if Funimation becomes powerful enough to influence anime in Japan?
  • How will Japan respond?
  • Will anime eventually become watered down by political correctness?
  • What will become of anime as we know it because of SJW culture?

At the moment, we have nothing to worry about. SJW’S don’t have a leg to stand on. Japan controls anime because they’re the originators of anime in the first place.

That’s how it should stay.

But as far as anime in the west? Only time will tell if the original quality is ruined or not.


What are your thoughts?


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