The Ultimate Guide To Buying Dragon Ball Z Collectors Items

You LOVE Dragon Ball Z. Have probably watched the new Dragon Ball Super.

And you’re on the hunt for some new DBZ merchandise and toys.

Sound about right?

At Anime Motivation we sell some of the best figures and products from top anime shows.

As well as your favorite Anime movies.

Today we’ll dive right into this DBZ buying guide that’s been cooked up just for you.

So let’s get started…


Who Manufacturers DBZ Merchandise?

Other than the obvious names that you might know of, there are 9 manufacturers of DBZ Merch.

Here they are:

  • Bandai.
  • Megahouse.
  • CODI.
  • Bandai Tamashii (owned by Bandai).
  • GYE.
  • Banpresto (owned by Bandai).
  • NAPO.
  • Plastoy.
  • Quantity.

The most common manufacturers of DBZ products is Megahouse, Bandai, Banpresto and Bandai Tamashii.

Depending on the type of DBZ products you want, each manufacturer serves their own purpose.

Your best bet for figurines and toys is Bandai and any of the brands they own.

Megahouse is a great choice too for action figures and statues.

Merchandise is best suited to brands like NAPO, GYE and CODI.


Benefits Of Being A DBZ Collector

  • Support your favorite franchise and the Anime industry.
  • The more DBZ merch and figures you buy, the better it is for the industry.
  • Express yourself and your passion for DBZ.
  • Connect with your favorite DBZ characters.


DBZ Collectibles: How Much They Cost And What You’ll Pay



  1. DBZ Statues & Action Figures: £10 – £100+
  2. DBZ Mini Figures: £10 – £300+
  3. DBZ Merchandise: £5 – £40+



Please be aware: This is a guide and prices will vary.

There are always new figurines, merch and apparel that are made by manufacturers. Some of which are premium, rare and more exclusive than others.

But prices generally fall between the pricing table above for Dragon Ball products.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to some recommended DBZ merch and toys…


All Dragon Ball Z Products: Dragon Ball Z Merch & Toys On Sale


Top 7 Dragon Ball Z Action Figures:


1. Goku SSGSS Figuarts Action Figure

Goku Charging Up!

Goku SSGSS Action Figure


  • Goku comes charged up in his SSGSS form from the DB movie.
  • 3 sets of face plates fresh out the box.
  • Optional hand parts to change Goku’s movements and gestures.
  • Officially licensed by Bandai Tamashii.

If you’re a fan of the movie – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, this is for you.

This figurine will take you back to the time when Goku first became a SSGSS.

And will be a testament to how far the DB Super series has come over the years.


2. Dragon Ball Z Shodo Action Figures

The 3 remaining Saiyans (Saiyan Saga).

Shodo Figures for Sale


  • Characters included: Vegeta, Nappa and Goku from Saiyan Saga.
  • Vegeta and Nappa come with their original Saiyan outfits.
  • Each figurine comes with a set of action poses and face plates. Adding “realism” to each toy.
  • Officially licensed by Bandai Tamashii.

These figurines will take you back to the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z.

One of the most famous and most important Saga’s created in the DB franchise.

Even Vegeta’s and Nappa’s Saiyan tail’s are included. With a super-realistic look.


3. Trunks Xenoverse Figuarts Action Figure


Trunks Xenoverse Action Figure


  • Trunks is equipped with his powerful sword.
  • Xenoverse gear and outfit.
  • Normal form trunks + Super Saiyan.
  • Officially licensed by Bandai Tamashii.
  • Tons of action poses, hand parts and face plates included.

Fan of the video game series – Xenoverse? This is the perfect gift for you. A friend. Or a family member.

Trunks comes packed with Super Saiyan head plates, battle stances and of course his sword.

And now all he needs is a place to stay.


4. Goku Super Warrior Figuarts Action Figure

Namek Saga Goku.

SS Goku Figuarts Action Figure for Sale


  • Super Saiyan Goku from the Namek Saga.
  • Familiar action poses DBZ fans will appreciate.
  • Officially licensed by Bandai Tamashii.
  • Top notch quality.

You remember the iconic fight with Frieza, right? Goku’s moment when he first transforms into a Super Saiyan.

This figuarts figure is the perfect image of Goku’s legendary battle on Namek. Featuring Goku’s torn up clothes and intense facial expressions.


5. SS Vegeta Figuarts Action Figure

Vegeta in his “super” form.

Vegeta SS Figuarts Figure for Sale


  • Super Vegeta packed poses of the Final Flash + more.
  • Vegeta’s design comes from the Cell Saga in DBZ.
  • Officially licensed by Bandai Tamashii
  • Saiyan outfit created by Bulma in DBZ.

Vegeta’s SS figurine will take you back to the battle with 2nd form Cell. Where Vegeta declares himself as “Super Vegeta”.

Each part from Vegeta’s hair to his boots, costume and hands are well crafted.

And will look stunning along side your DBZ collection.


6. Super Saiyan Trunks Figuarts Figure

SS Future Trunks.

Future Trunks Figuarts Figure for Sale


  • Future Trunks from the Time Chamber chapter in DBZ.
  • Saiyan outfit created by Bulma in the DBZ franchise.
  • Officially licensed action figure by Bandai Tamashii.
  • Super-realistic design and quality.

Trunks is a DBZ warrior with heart, inner strength and resolve. Making him one of the most loved DBZ characters.

If you love Trunks then this is the ideal action figure to add to your list. Which is packed with optional hand parts, face plates and flexible poses from the DBZ series.


7. SS3 Goku Figuarts Action Figure

SS3 Goku from the Buu Saga.

SS3 Goku Figuarts Action Figure for Sale


  • SS3 Goku from the Buu Saga in DBZ.
  • Optional parts to control Goku’s leg, arm and body movements.
  • Officially licensed by Bandai Tamashii.
  • Halo accessory, just like in the Anime.

Buy Goku’s SH Figurine, based on the time Goku fought Majin Buu as a SS3.

Even Goku’s Halo is included to help you relive those precious DBZ moments.

Along with cool action poses and a unique set of face plates.


Top 7 Dragon Ball Z PVC Statues:


1. Broly DBZ SCultures Figure

Broly SCultures Figure for Sale


  • Broly’s PVC Statue comes in his Super Saiyan form from the DB Movie.
  • Black display base.
  • Original action stance and SS outfit.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

If you’re a fan of the Legendary Super Saiyan Movie, get your hands on this Broly figurine.

Unlike most DBZ figures, Broly’s toys are rarer to find. So make sure you don’t miss out on this one.


2. Super Saiyan Trunks & Tien DXF Figures

Trunks and Tien DXF Figures for Sale


  • Tien comes in his original outfit seen in the Saiyan Saga and Cell Saga.
  • Trunks features his “future” outfit from the battle with Frieza
  • Black display bases.
  • Officially licensed by Banpresto.

Get yourself this bundle featuring Tien and SS Trunks.

You might want to pair it with the two figurines below of Goku and Yamcha.


3. Super Saiyan Goku and Yamcha DXF Figures

Goku and Yamcha DXF Figures for Sale


  • Yamcha in his original training outfit from Saiyan Saga DBZ.
  • Goku’s outfit has been made brighter because of his SS transformation.
  • Black display bases.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

No DBZ collector should be without the two statues above.

This is a great way to add the whole DBZ gang to your figurine collection, if that’s your aim!


4. SS Blue Vegito and Black Goku DXF Figures

SS Blue Vegito and Black Goku Figures for Sale


  • Inspired by the Dragon Ball Super series.
  • Original SS Blue Vegito stance and outfit.
  • Black Goku comes with his original devious smile.
  • Black display bases.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

The DB Super community went crazy over the Black Goku and Vegito arc.

And now you can have something to remember it by grabbing these exclusive DXF figures.


5. Frieza Final Form DXF Figure

Frieza DXF Figure for Sale


  • Final Form 100% Frieza.
  • Furious facial expression just like in the Frieza Saga!
  • Clear display base.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

Remember the good times from Goku’s intense battle with the tyrant – Frieza. With this exclusive PVC Statue in Frieza’s 100% final form.

Imagine how good this will look alongside your DBZ collection. 😉


6. Goku Blue Kaioken DB Super Figure

Goku Blue Kaioken Figure for Sale


  • Goku’s Kaioken technique while in his SS Blue form.
  • Red display base to match Goku’s combat gear.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.
  • DB Super exclusive figure.

This figure is unique to Goku’s Kaikoen + SS Blue transformation from Dragon Ball Super.

And there’s not many other Statues of Goku that are like it in the slightest.


7. SS2 Trunks And Black Goku DXF Figures

Super Saiyan 2 Trunks + Black Goku Figures for Sale


  • Super Saiyan Trunks and Black Goku. Side by side.
  • Trunks featured his SS2 form and sword.
  • Exclusive DB Super figures.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

Dragon Ball Super fans will appreciate this figurine set of SS2 Trunks and Black Goku.


Top 7 DBZ Mini Figures:


1. Frieza Boss Style DBZ WCF Figures

Frieza mini figures

Frieza Mini Figures for Sale


  • Frieza has 6 different variations to his mini figures.
  • Tuxedo suit Frieza and 6 different poses and facial expressions.
  • Green display base.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

For a wide range of poses and variations, this Frieza mini figure set is your best choice.


2. Vol 3 Dragon Ball Z Assortment Figures

Volume 3 DBZ Mini Figures Set for Sale


  • DBZ Set based off the Cell Saga in DBZ.
  • Mini figures include SS Goku, Android 17, SS Gohan, Trunks, Cell & Android 18.
  • Black display base for all figurines.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

This is a great figurine set with character designs from the Cell Saga.

And are one of the higher quality DBZ figurines you’ll get your hands on.


2. Vol 6 Dragon Ball Super Assortment Figures

Volume 6 DBZ Mini Figures for Sale


  • Future Gohan, Future Trunks, Black Goku + more DB characters!
  • Red display bases for all figurines.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.
  • Mixture of DBZ and DB Super characters.


3. Prince Vegeta Dragon Ball Super Assortment Figures

Vegeta DB Super Mini Figures for Sale


  • The Saiyan Prince comes in 6 different outfits, poses and styles.
  • Inspired by the DB Super anime.
  • Blue display bases.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

Vegeta has many different sides to his character, and these mini figure sets are based on that.


4. Volume 4 DBZ WCF Chibi Figures

Volume 4 DBZ Chibi Figures for Sale


  • Kid Buu, Majin Buu, SS Vegito, Hercule, SS3 Goku and SS3 Gotenks.
  • Designs taken from the DBZ Majin Buu Saga.
  • Black display bases.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.

Celebrate the Majin Buu Saga, one of the most iconic Saga’s in DBZ with these mini figures.

Courtesy of Bandai.


5. Goku Special Assortment DB Super Figures

Goku Special Mini Figures for Sale


  • Goku’s every form, transformation and outfit from the DB Series.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.
  • Exclusive Goku Figurine set.

You won’t find mini figures like this of Goku, because there aren’t many like it.

And every form of Goku is featured for your pleasure as a DBZ collector.


6. DB Super Ultimate Grade Figures

DB Super Ultimate Grade Figures for Sale


  • Black Goku.
  • SS Goku.
  • SS Blue Goku.
  • Champa.
  • Special display base for each figurine.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.


7. DB Super Chibi Assortment Figures

DB Super Chibi Mini Figures for Sale


  • Gods of destruction.
  • Vegeta and Goku.
  • Red display bases.
  • Licensed by Banpresto.


Want to see the full list?

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