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Top 25 Countries In The World Where Dragon Ball Is Popular

Ever since 2016, I started the trend of “top countries where X is popular”. And sites like Crunchyroll and a few others now utilise it occasionally.

With the recent release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heromany fans wanna know which countries have the most fans when it comes to dragon ball.

At least this is the case with Anime Motivation and what people are searching on the site!

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In true Anime Motivation fashion, let’s talk about the TOP countries where Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super is popular.

All data is taken from Google, which has an immense amount of data on anime fans and their interests.



1. Nicaragua



2. Peru



3. Bolivia

bolivia flag red yellow green


4. Venezuela

Venezuela flag


5. Ecuador

ecuador flag


6. Paraguay



7. El Salvador

el salvador flag medium


8. Vietnam

vietnam flag red


9. Argentina

flag of argentina


10. Mexico



11. Chile

chile flag medium


12. Uruguay

uruguay flag medium


13. Guatemala

guatemala flag medium


14. Honduras

honduras flag


15. Colombia

Flag of Colombia


16. Costa Rica

costa rica flag medium


17. Dominican Republic

dominican republic flag medium


18. Panama

panama flag medium


19. Brazil

brazil flag medium


20. Japan

Japanese Flag Japan


21. Algeria

algeria flag medium


22. Thailand

thailand flag medium


23. Puerto Rico

Flag of Puerto Rico


24. France

flag of france


25. Italy

italy flags


Honorable Mentions:

  • Hungary (26).
  • Lithuania (27).
  • Spain (29).
  • Morocco (30.

Dragon Ball Statistics Popular Countries Map

google trends dragon ball statistics 2022 | https://animemotivation.com/countries-where-dragon-ball-is-popular/

As we can see – parts of western Europe made it into the list. With Italy and France making it in the top 25 countries who love Dragon Ball’s franchise.

Nicaragua is a surprising one considering its number 1, and Venezuela’s position isn’t surprising on lists like this since they’re usually quite high up.

Dominican Republic was also an interesting spot.

Source: Google Trends



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