China BANS Violent And Vulgar Anime In Its Relentless Pursuit Of Censorship

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Written by Theo J Ellis

China’s political correctness and strong censorship is no secret to the world, regardless of what country you’re in.

This is especially true if you’re a fan of anime and are aware of China’s history with anime in particular.

In their most recent sweep, anime, alongside the entertainment industry at large is going through a crackdown on their home turf.

They’re not holding back, even in situations where the anime could pass for not being violent in a literal sense.


“Truth, good, and beauty”

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In their own words, the agency that regulates content said this:

“The content of broadcasts should be healthy and progressive and should promote truth, good, and beauty in cartoons.”

One of their latest targets is the 2019 anime Ultraman, which was adapted by Netflix.

After the announcement on last Friday, social media erupted and fans weren’t happy at all. But that won’t sway the regulators opinions anytime soon.

As pointed out by B.I:

“After the ban was announced, the popular Japanese anime series “Ultraman Tiga” was censored from Chinese streaming services, much to the anger of Chinese fans.”

They also went on to say:

“Though many posts about the show’s ban have now been deleted, the hashtag about the show’s removal was viewed 84 million times, with people complaining about losing a staple of their childhood, according to CNN.”

Also on the list is Detective Conan, and a list of other anime shows on the list to be censored.


Expect more censorship of anime in future

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It’s the ONE thing you can guarantee, given China has banned many anime in the past. And is now in pursuit of finding and censoring MORE content they deem inappropriate.

Even if it’s without reason, explanation, or logic.


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Matthew Umland
Matthew Umland

ya because CNN is definitely very most trustworthy site to report on china issue, FAKE NEWS

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