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17+ Greatest Brynhildr in the Darkness Quotes You’ll Love

Brynhildr in the Darkness quotes taken from anime characters: Tokou Nanami. Chie. Wakabayashi Hatsuna. Takatori Kotori.[...]

25+ Best Hayate The Combat Butler Quotes You Won’t Forget

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The 17+ Greatest Hajime No Ippo Quotes For Boxing Anime Fans

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This Is What Haters Think Of Anime, And How They Describe It

It’s always interesting seeing what people think about anime, and what they have to say.[...]

Why Anime Is “Apparently” Bad For You, According To The Internet

It’s not often I read anime blogs, articles and especially news from other sites. Every[...]

28+ Of The Most Important Donten Ni Warau Quotes For Anime Fans

Donten Ni Warau Quotes taken from anime characters: Tenka Kumo. Nishiki. Abeno Sousei. Chuutarou Kumo. Suramaru[...]

A Collection Of Bungaku Shoujo Quotes For Fans Of The Movie

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11+ Great Anime OVA’S You Should Start Watching

What do you know about anime OVA’s? For me, an OVA is like a separate[...]

If You’re Looking For Anime Tsundere’s, Here Are 22+ Of The Best!

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The Objectification Of Male Anime Characters

Male anime characters are objectified in anime. But as with most cases in society, we[...]

15+ Of The Greatest Yandere Anime Characters Fans Shouldn’t Miss

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Q & A Interview With All Ages Of Geek Founder (Pop Filter Podcast)

Today’s interview is with the founders of All Ages Of Geek. A multimedia company partnered with Aminoapps.[...]

15+ Meaningful World Trigger Quotes Anime Fans Will Love

World Trigger anime quotes taken from characters: Yuichi Jin. Yugo Kuga. Osamu Mikumo. Yuma Kuga. Hyuse.[...]

Patreon’s “Blurry” Guidelines, And The REAL Reason They’re Banning Anime Artists

I’ve watched the Patreon madness for a while now. But it’s time to get into[...]

The Best Sukitte Ii Na Yo Quotes About Life & Romance

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The Greatest Collection Of Kimi No Iru Machi Quotes

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19+ Silly And Memorable Ranma 1/2 Quotes For Anime Fans

Ranma 1/2 anime quotes from characters: Genma Saotome. Ranma Saotome. Akane Tendo. Ukyo Kuonji. Nabiki[...]

14+ Relevant Quotes From Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Fans Will Love

Kaguya Sama quotes taken from characters: Kei Shirogane. Ai Hayasaka. Miko Lino. Tsubame Koyasu. Yu Ishigami.[...]

The Greatest Collection Of Nagi No Asukara Quotes For Romance Fans

Nagi No Asukara quotes taken from anime characters: Chisaki Hiradiara. Hikari Sakashima. Tsumugu Kihara. Uroko. Nagi[...]

8 Of The Greatest P.A Works Anime You Should Consider

P.A Works is a unique anime studio that focuses on slice of life, supernatural and[...]