7+ Anime Like Birdie Wing Golf Girls Story (Recommended)

eve birdie wing golf anime

Birdie Wing: Golf Girl’s Story is a sports series that gives off slice of life vibes in certain moments. It’s about Eve, a blonde 15 year old who looks like an adult woman who plays golf to make money and survive.

She does it for the kids who if not for her, would be living on the street. So there’s purpose and drive to her actions. Even Illegal Golf is an option she’d risk taking.

For a sports series, it’s refreshing because of its female lead, and the mildly dark undertones that sit next to the more bright, cheery, almost shounen vibes it gives off.

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With a 2nd season airing today, it might be a good time to get into it now.

Here’s a list of anime shows like Birdie Wing.


1. Haikyuu

Haikyuu hinata smiling

Not exactly the same as Birdie Wing, but it has some crossovers in the sports realm and the motivation behind the characters playing their sport.

Hinata is the orange-haired character and protagonist, or what fans call him: Cinnamon roll.

Hyper, committed, and ignorant to those who try to downplay and dissuade him from pursuing bigger things in life. Hinata is simply focused purely on what he wants and shuns out the BS.

His partner, Kegayama, is a bit more serious but they both balance each other out as they work their way through volleyball matches.

About 3 seasons strong.


2. Akiba Maid War

Akiba Maid War oinky doink cafe maids

This original series aired back in late 2022. It’s a lot more violent than Birdie Wing could ever be, but the two anime shows share similarities with their characters, how driven they are, the fact they’re women, and the darker undertones of their “work” life initially.

This anime is about maids who by day, work to please customers and come across as pleasant and moe. But at night, and in general, they fight other maid cafes for turf, power, control, and money.

They’re gangsters in their own right and it gets bloody.

The way this anime plays between the cute, model fun, and silly themes, and then switches to the more serious, and even tragic themes is an art in itself.


3. Kakegurui

Kakegurui yumeko blush

Kakegurui, also called Compulsive Gambler is an anime about exactly that: gambling. It’s in a school setting. The stakes are high, and the consequences of losing are severe.

If someone wins they get money of course, but the loser can face the harshest consequences possible depending on who they’re challenging.

Yumeko Jabani is the eccentric main female character who gets a rush from the risk taking that gambling offers, and it becomes a useful way to rise up the ranks and win many matches.

Money is the big driver of this series, it always comes back to it.


4. Food Wars

Food Wars jc staff anime

Food Wars comes across as a nice, chilled, and clean anime series at first glance. The characters are seen cooking in their own mini restaurant, everyone’s happy and having fun, then out of nowhere is what I’d call “food fanservcie”.

A mixture of delicious food with details that will make you drool, while making male and female characters slightly strip at the thought of eating food that tastes so good.

It’s a weird vibe that later becomes unique, entertaining, and even artistic with how well it’s done.

Food Wars is what Shounen looks like when food is at the centre of every battle.


5. Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite ayanokouji mc

This has become a fan favourite in the anime community. A lot of people have fallen in love with Classroom Of The Elite, including its original novel series, and the characters and how it’s written.

Anayokouji is the edgy MC who’s smart, cunning, savage, cold, and detached. He matches his energy to whatever his surroundings dictate in order to win, survive, and dominate in the harsh school environment he and many others are in.

Suzune Horikita is the female MC who usually does her own thing but ends up working together with Ayanokouji, but not realizing how scheming of a guy he is.

If you want a school series where the characters are challenged in an adversity type of sense, this is it. And it offers a lot more.


6. The Great Pretender

The Great Pretender limo scene

You can think of this anime as a mixture of Black Lagoon, Jormungand, and many other series wrapped into one. It’s unique, it’s different, it feels fresh, and brings something new to the industry.

The main character is basically a grifter, a swindler. He does this for a living. His name is Edamame from Japan.

After ending up in California, where the anime realistically depicts areas in an aesthetic sense, he starts to find his flow with the new people he’s now working with as a swindler.

This anime is unpredictable, clever, and creative. The visuals are colourful but realistic at the same time.


7. Spy x Family

Spy x Family vibes cute

And last I’d mention Spy x Family. It’s hard to compare Birdie Wing to many anime because it’s so different.

Anya Forger is a psychic kid who can read minds and is an orphan. She’s adopted by Loid Forger, a man known as twilight in the “spy” world.

Loid then finds a wife who surprisingly proposes to him in the middle of them both being on the run, and all 3 become part of the Forger family. All with their own individual secrets they keep from each other.

The wife is an assassin called Yor.

Aside from some of the extremes or action parts of this anime, the slice of life and everyday vibes will give you a similar feel to Brdie Wing in a sense, especially with its characters.


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