An Anime Fans Letter To Santa: What I Want For Christmas This Year (2018)

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Dear Santa, AKA – Father Christmas. 2018 has been a fun year for the anime industry.

You gave me and other anime fans shows like:

  • Violet Evergarden. Who knew animation could be so beautiful AND enjoyable at the same time?
  • Attack On Titan season 3. You gave us something different all together.
  • Hinamatsuri. Who knew the Yakuza had a “fun” side to their lifestyle?
  • Steins Gate 0.

And too many other anime shows worth naming. And in fact – a lot of these shows are GREAT.

But for some reason I still feel somewhat dissatisfied as an anime fan, Otaku, or whatever you wanna call me.


Why? Because….


1. I’m sick of seeing messages like this on streaming sites

Funimation Screenshot Not Available In Your Country

not available in your country sony anime

Whenever I try and watch an anime series from my country… Which is NOT within the USA, I’m told it’s not available in my country.

This is annoying. It’s frustrating. And in fact – it’s inexcusable. Considering the anime industry has been around for decades at this point.

Or almost 20 years since the internet came along.

Would it be too much to ask if you could fix this issue for Christmas? If so, anime fans like me will be very happy and overjoyed.

Then we can all pay for legal streaming sites and live happily ever after, instead of using illegal streaming sites because legit sites are so awful.


2. Anime dubs are still few and far between

Dubbed anime shows aren’t something we should throw under the bus, only to let it be crushed to bits.

No, dubbed anime shows, would you believe, are loved by millions of fans across the world.

Many of which grew up watching anime in the early days.

In fact – if it wasn’t for English anime dubs, it’s hard to say whether the anime industry would be so popular worldwide. Since Funimation and other companies wouldn’t exist.

I know I’m asking for a lot this year. You might even think this is a greedy request. But could you do something about this problem?

Like – maybe ride on your reindeer’s and have them take you to the offices of ALL these anime companies… And give them a Christmas present in exchange for simul-dubs on a regular basis?

It’s a hard sell. I get it. But I’d be overjoyed if I could sit under my Christmas tree this year and enjoy every anime show I want.

Dubbed or subbed on demand.


3. Buying anime merchandise isn’t “perfect” outside of Japan

Hatsune Miku Symphony 2017 Character Vocal Series 01 Statue 16

Now don’t get me wrong – buying anime merchandise is great. But that’s mostly true if you’re living in Japan.

The problem is: when buying anime merchandise from Japan… you have to wait FOREVER because it takes so long for shipping

And when you buy anime merchandise outside of Japan? You can’t always get everything you want. Because some products have strict licenses and aren’t allowed to be sold outside of Japan.

That’s why I can’t find certain things.

This isn’t a MAJOR issue, but then again it depends who you ask. But I would love it if you could make this one wish come true for Christmas this year in 2018.

That would be great for anime fans everywhere.


Now that’s off my chest, here’s my 2018 Christmas Wishlist as an anime fan:

  • Could you create a website where anime fans can stream EVERY show without restrictions?
  • Or how about a marketplace where anime studios stream their shows on a subscription? (like YouTube or Netflix).
  • Could you send me a boat-load of anime merchandise for being such a good boy this year?
  • Could you find a genius like Steve Jobs to INNOVATE in the anime industry, and bring about change since no one else is bothering?
  • I know it’s a bit much, but could you send me a Waifu-4-Laifu? I promise I won’t cheat!
  • A husbando wouldn’t be so bad either (for the female anime fans).
  • And finally – could you get rid of the anime stigma’s like “anime is for kids” once and for all?

That last request might be a bit ridiculous, but hey. I’m selfish. I have wants and I have needs.

But if you could grant me ONE wish at the bare minimum, I’ll be happy with that.

By yours truly – an anime fan, AKA – Otaku.

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