Twitter Claims #Blacktober Anime Fanart Is Racist To Japanese People (Controversy)

Senku Blacktober Anime
Written by Theo J Ellis

October is traditionally black history month. But for some reason, “black” gets a lot of people triggered.

Not just SJW’S, but more than anyone else – racists who hate to see anything positive connected to black culture.

There’s no place like Twitter when it comes to creating controversy out of thin air over things that shouldn’t be controversial.

Take this Tweet as an example from #Blacktober – a hashtag celebrating black characters in anime, films, or otherwise.

Some of the replies to this Tweet are insane. I won’t be sharing it here, you can already guess what it implies.

A part of #blacktober is also taking characters that exist, and then having artists recreate it and put their “spin” on it.

In this case that means seeing what it would look like if say, Tanjiro was designed as a black character.

Or Nezuko or Senku drawn as black characters instead.

The purpose is because there aren’t many black characters in anime as it stands. So it’s an opportunity to see what that would look like.


A fun event is now claimed to be “racist” to Japanese

What’s interesting about these comments is Americans always, in the Tweeters own words, “white wash” Japanese characters.

Nobody ever complains or outrages or creates controversy from it though.

You have to ask yourself why, even though the reason is telling.


Anime fans react to controversy

“blacktober is just about redrawing anime characters to better identify as them & create fun fanart for October. Where as white washing is the systemic eraser of originally POC written characters by casting white actors to play them & snuff out the already minimal exposure POCs.”

This is what #blacktober is in a nutshell, until the Twitter lunatics turned it into something negative.

“the argument is that it’s racist to blackwash non-Black anime characters, but i think that’s bullshit lmao. anime has a history of (sometimes horribly) misrepresenting Black folks, and Blacktober is artists’ opportunity to envision representation that they weren’t afforded.”

Why so much focus on “race”?

This is of course US Twitter. Most of the comments originate there, with VERY few coming from Japan UK, or any other countries.

Focusing so much on race, and making problems out of thin air is in itself racist. Because that’s the first thing you see: color.


This incident is similar to #sailormoonredraw

A few months ago, maybe in July 2020 – #sailormoonredraw turned into a controversy as well.

It was again US Twitter who jumped in because characters weren’t “white” enough. And criticized the Japanese and Black redrawing’s of characters.

It seems Twitter has a problem with racism, and the anime community always stirs up some nonsense when it doesn’t need to be there.

Source: Twitter



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