Sunoo K-Pop Fans Attack Official MHA Account for NOT Saying “Happy Birthday”

Toxic K Pop Fans Of Sunoo Attack Official My Hero Academia Account For Not Saying Happy Birthday
Written by Theo J Ellis

It’s a shame toxicity exists to this degree, but it’s nothing new either. Twitter is the breeding ground for almost all of these controversies, arguments, and empty threats.

The official My Hero Academia twitter account refused to say “Happy Birthday” to Sunoo, A K-Pop Idol.

Fans asked them to wish him a happy birthday on his actual birth-date. They only wished it beforehand.

When the official MHA account said “no”, their tone changed (Sunoo’s fans).


Happy birthday request for Sunoo

sunoo happy birthday kpop my hero academia

This request was flat out denied with a simple but respectable “no”.

After all, they’re not obligated to do anything, and there’s nothing wrong with their answer.

Some of Sunoo’s fans didn’t see it that way though.


twitter mha haters kpop birthday message

mha haters kpop accounts twitter birthday

twitter beef kpop mha account

my hero academia haters twitter kpop

“That was not a request. That was a demand that WILL be followed or there will be consequences.”

Imagine the audacity of saying this behind the safety of Twitter where you’re anonymous.

We live in an entitled generation that doesn’t know how to take “no” for an answer, and is offended when you won’t pander to their every demand.

But that’s how it is. Out of sight, out of mind.





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