10 Anime And Manga Series Fans Can’t Get Enough Of, According To Google (2018)

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Written by Theo J Ellis

You already know about popular anime shows like:

  • Black Clover.
  • Attack On Titan Season 3.
  • Steins Gate 0.
  • How Not To Summon A Demon Lord.

And any other anime fans love in 2018. The same is true for the Manga industry.

But here’s a question: what are the most popular anime and manga online in 2018?

Without thinking about it, I took a look at Google Trends to find out.

google trends animeAccording to 10’s of millions of anime fans who search Google, there are at least 10 anime and manga considered more popular than any other in 2018!


Popular Anime And Manga in 2018:


1. Citrus (Manga)

citrus manga series 1

Citrus is known by people like myself for one reason: the new anime that aired in 2018.

It’s a “yuri” anime about two lesbians, with the first episode being one of the most uncomfortable I’ve ever seen for an anime.

But ignoring the anime for a second, the Manga seems to have risen in popularity over the course of 2018.

Ranking #1 in terms of Google searches internationally.


2. Black Clover (Manga Series)

black clover manga cover

If you’re well aware of what’s “hot” in the anime community, then Black Clover shouldn’t surprise you.

Even though the anime is the reason I know of it (as well as many fans in 2018), the Manga has risen in popularity. Probably because the anime has been so damn successful.

It’s ranked #2 according to Google trends for the “rising in popularity” trend in 2018.


3. Overlord (Light Novel Series)

overlord light novel series

Obviously not a “manga” but it’s still within context. So it’s worth mentioning.

Overlord is a well-known series in the anime world, with the first “overlord” being adapted from video games.

And even though there are popular shows like Attack On Titan in 2018, fans who use Google to search for anime and manga are in love with the Overlord series.

This ranks #3 according to Google Trends in 2018.


4. My Hero Academia (Manga Series)

my hero academia manga

We all know how outrageously popular My Hero Academia is. This has been true since the anime aired in 2016.

And with My Hero Academia rising through the ranks in 2018, the Manga is doing the same. Or in this case – doing even better than the anime itself.


5. Food Wars (Manga Series)

food wars manga vol 2

Ranking in #5th place is Food Wars. Also known as: Shokugeki No Soma in Japanese.

Food Wars is a creative anime (and manga) series with little competition for what it does.

It’s a shounen that focuses on food battles, business and self-improvement instead of flashy powers or hero speeches.

So it’s no wonder it’s continuing to shine and make a name for itself in 2018.

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6. The Persona Series

persona 5 anime series

Both the Manga, the anime (and video games) are simultaneously killing it right now.

Not many video games-turned anime become as popular as the Persona series. But Persona 5 (and the Manga) are good examples of video games that pull it off.


7. The Seven Deadly Sins (Manga)

the seven deadly sins manga

So many anime and manga series are named after a popular phrase or term. But only a few like “The Seven Deadly Sins” become popular enough to carve out their own niche.

As big as this mainstream series is, it’s only right that the Manga is rising in popularity.


8. Tokyo Ghoul (Manga Series)

tokyo ghoul manga

Tokyo Ghoul is another mainstream series that’s impossible to ignore.

Even fi you haven’t watched it (or read the Manga) you’re aware that it exists. And this is proven by its rise in popularity over the course of this year.

Tokyo Ghoul also made it in last year’s “popular anime and manga” list:

6 Anime And Manga Series Fans Are In Love With (2017)


9. Baki The Grappler (Manga)

baki the grappler manga

Personally this one is a surprise for me. Because it’s the first time I don’t KNOW of the series I’m mentioning.

The series began in 1991 and has been running ever since. Making it a legendary Manga in its own right.


10. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K (Manga)

the disastrous life of saiki k manga

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K is like a “DBZ” version of a slice of life series. And the comedy is enough to make you chuckle.

Being one of the most creative series of its kind in recent years, this isn’t much of a surprise to me. And I’d recommend all fans give this a try, in the format you like best (manga or anime).


google trends anime screenshot
Google Trends manga list.

Ignoring this list for a second, which anime and manga are you enjoying in 2018?

Violet Evergarden is a personal favorite of mine in 2018 so far.



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