72% Of Japanese Teenagers Consider Themselves An OTAKU (Poll)

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Written by Theo J Ellis

I’ve written about the definition of Otaku’s and even weebs in the past before. So this ain’t a new topic here.

I’ve also talked about how the definition changes when you step into Japan, or outside of Japan.

Nowa’days it seems like Japan is having some silent changes when it comes to the perception of Otakus. And how they’re treated, judged and “stereotyped” in Japanese society.


1500+ people took part in this new poll

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The study was done by Partner Agent, polling 1500+ single men and women from their teens to 30’s.

  • 72% of them said they identify as Otaku. 
  • 50% of Japanese people in their 20’s would marry or date an Otaku.
  • 43% of Japanese people in their 30’s would date or marry an Otaku.

All this is based on Otaku’s general interests, like Manga, Video Games and Anime.

Otaku’s who are interested in “2D wives” over real ones scored pretty low as you’d imagine.


Japan’s perception of Otaku is slowly changing

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Maybe it comes down to the young people and how open minded they are compared to the odler generation.

Or times are changing and “Otaku’s” aren’t as bad as they used to be in Japan.

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