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10 Orange Rouge Figures Anime Collectors Should Consider

Orange Rouge Figures Anime Collectors Should Consider

Orange Rouge is a figurine company founded by Good Smile and Max Factory. As part of a joint partnership between both companies.

It’s been around for less than 2 decades.

One thing that makes Orange Rouge figures unique is it’s aimed at male anime characters only.

So if that’s what you want specifically, then you’re in the right place.

Here are 10 Orange Rouge Figures worth checking out and adding to your wishlist.

If you want to shop the full range, scroll to the bottom of this post! 🙂


Orange Rouge Figures on Sale:


PVC Statues:


1. Izuminokami Kanesada Touken Ranbu ONLINE PVC Statue

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Izuminokami Touken Ranbu Statue for Sale


First up we have Izuminokami from the historical Touken Ranbu video games. Plus anime series.

You’ll appreciate the attention to detail with Izuminokami’s Kimono. With a nice blend of colors and styles.

A clear display base is included with this figurine by Orange Rouge.


2. Urashima Kotetsu Touken Ranbu Online PVC Statue

Orange Rouge Figures

Urashima Kotetsu Touken Ranbu Figure for Sale


2nd we have Orashima Kotetsu from the online Touken Ranbu video games.

Officially licensed.

Like Izuminokami, Orashima comes with a clear display base. And a stylish set of clothes and accessories.

Touken Ranbu fans will appreciate the quality and details of this figurine.


3. Diorama Matsuno Brothers Osomatsu San Statue

Orange Rouge Figures

Diorama Matsuno Brothers Statue for Sale


Fan of the Matsuno Brothers? Then this figure is packed with everything you want to see.

With a colorful design that’s bursting with creativity and style, this statue is an iconic figurine.

And will stand out with ease among your figurine collection.

All 6 brothers are included with their own unique facial expressions, and a special display base.


4. Nikkari Aoe Touken Ranbu Online PVC Statue

Orange Rouge Figures

Nikkari Aoe Touen Ranbu Statue for Sale


4th is another anime figure from: Touken Ranbu.

Nikkari Aoe is one of the many characters from the anime series.

You’ll get a clear display base, and an elegant pose of Nikkari. With his relaxed facial expression.


5. Gokotai Touken Ranbu ONLINE PVC Statue

Orange Rouge Figures

Gokotai Touken Ranbu Figure for Sale


And the 5th PVC Statue is of Gokotai, a character from the Touken Ranbu anime.

His strange appearance, white hair, and outfit are perfectly designed.  With a clear display base and a high quality feel you’ll love.

Add this to your Touken Ranbu collection!


Nendoroid Figures by Orange Rouge:


6. Wakatoshi Ushijima Haikyuu Nendoroid

Orange Rouge Figures

Wakatoshi Haikyu Nendoroid Figure on Sale


Wakatoshi Ushijima is first Nendoroid by Orange Rouge on this list. From the famous sports anime: Haikyu!

You’ll get Wakatoshi’s volleyball so he can get in some practice. Plus optional parts and accessories to bring the whole Haikyu experience to life again.


7. Viktor Nikiforov Nendoroid Yuri On Ice

Orange Rouge Figures

Viktor Nikiforov Yuri On Ice Nendoroid for Sale


Viktor Nikiforov, one of the main characters from 2016’s top anime: Yuri On Ice!

Get this sports star with his cute brown dog from the series. Plus ice skates and other gear you’ll appreciate as a fan.

Plus his super-realistic face plates right out of the box.


8. Dramatical Murder Mink And Tori Nendoroid

Orange Rouge Figures

Mink And Tori Nendoroid Figure for Sale


Mink and Tori from the Dramatical Murder anime series.

You’ll get a wide range of cute face plates, optional parts and accessories to add to your collection.


9. Morisuke Yaku Haikyu Nendoroid Action Figure

Orange Rouge Figures

Morisuke Yaku haikyu Nendoroid for Sale


9th on this list of Orange Rouge figures is Morisuke from the Haikyu sports anime.

You’ll get a special display base resembling the sports field from Haikyu. And a set of parts, a volleyball, and more to bring back the nostalgia.


Orange Rouge Figma Figure:


10. Shoyo Hinata Haikyu Figma Action Figure

Orange Rouge Figures

Shoyo Haikyu Figma Figure for Sale


And lastly – Shoyo a main chaarcter from the Haikyu sports anime series. One of the highest rated anime’s of all time.

Shoyo comes with his usual red and white kicks. Shinpads. A volleyball to practice his shots with and of course a net to bring the Haikyu experience to your bedroom.

Add this to your figurine collection and it’s sure to stand out!


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