Netflix Plans To Ramp Up Original Anime Content In Japan, South Korea & India!

Netflix New Anime Eden
Written by Theo J Ellis

Netflix is making moves yet again. This time around the streaming beast has plans for original anime content across Asia.

More specifically, Reed Hastings, one of the Netflix CEO’s wants to expand into:

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India

These are the “big 3” countries of focus right now for original anime content, not just licenses.

China is a country Netflix already expects to be blocked in, so they have no interest in getting into that market.

At least not as things stand.

In Reed Hasting’s own words (edited):

“This would likely add significant pressure to the region’s local streaming services and broadcasters.”

He’s talking about local streaming services overseas.


New partnerships

netflix japan anime

Netflix has also partnered with more anime studios in Japan recently, and even South Korea.

With these partnerships the goal is to create more original anime content. And the type of content that represents anime as we know it, not just anime made in the US by Netflix.

Whether this will increase their subscriber base, which is part of Netflix’s goal in all this, is yet to be seen.

More importantly for us (anime fans), we’ll see how this plays out as far as Netflix’s standing in the anime industry, and the impact this has on the industry.

Good or bad.

News source: Nikkei Asia


What do you think about this?



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