37+ Cool My Hero Academia Notebooks You’ll Love (On Sale)

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My Hero Academia is some of the best Shounen we’ve seen in a long time.

Studio Bones knows how to grab your attention, stir your emotions, and get you involved with the main characters story and struggle.

If you’re a fan of the anime and want some notebooks to jot down ideas and remind you of the characters you love, these notebooks will do the trick.

Here are the BEST notebooks from My Hero Academia.


1. Hero Notebook



Hero Notebook of all might and Deku with black background.

Hero Notebook


2. My Hero Academia Class 1-A Notebook

2445601 0

Class1-A characters from My Hero Academia.

Class 1A Notebook


3. The New Hero Notebook

2466957 0

Deku the new hero cool design.

The New Hero Notebook


4. Fatgum Notebook

2982898 0

Fatgum Notebook MHA


5. Katsuki Bakugo BOOM Notebook

2388126 1

Angry Bakugo in his hero uniform.

Bakugo BOOM Notebook


6. Road To Hero Notebook

1381596 1 1

Road To Hero Notebook


7. Fatgum & Kirishima Notebook

2981008 3

Fatgum and kid Kirishima.

Fatgum & Kirishima Notebook


8. Fire & Ice Quirk Notebook

3040226 0

Shoto Todoroki fire ice design.


9. UA Hero Notebook

1949547 1

UA Hero Notebook


10. My Hero Academia Notebook

2070871 1

Classic notebook of the main my hero academia cover.

My Hero Academia Notebook


11. The Hero Student Notebook

3040255 0

Deku’s hero student notebook where he takes notes and observes for self improvement purposes.

The Hero Student Notebook


12. Bakugo Katsuki Kid Notebook

6464129 0

Cute Bakugo notebook.

Bakugo Katsuki Kid Notebook


13. Boku No Hero Page Notebook

1727633 1

My Hero Academia Page notebook with “plus ultra” text.

Boku No Hero Page Notebook


14. All Might Hero Notebook

1825343 0

All Might flexing his muscles hero notebook.

All Might Hero Notebook


15. UA High Notebook

1727311 1

UA High Notebook


16. Friends Notebook Tsuyu Asui

1820564 2

Tsuyu Asui holding all her frog friends.

Tsuyu Asui Friends Notebook


17. All For One Notebook

1867563 1

All Might on the left Daku on the right.

All For One Notebook


18. Deku & Shoto Notebook

1645691 1

Deku and Shoto flexing their powers.

Deku & Shoto Notebook


19. All Might Notebook

561664 1

All Might Notebook


20. Shoto Todoroki Notebook

6463792 0

Shoto Chibi Notebook


21. Dab Dabi Notebook

2993516 4

Mini chibi dabi notebook.

Dabi Notebook


22. Symbol Of Peace Notebook

3040242 0

Symbol Of Peace Notebook


23. Midoriya Notebook

2392434 0

Deku using one for all design.

Midoriya Notebook


24. Ochako Notebook

6463967 0

Ochako Chibi Notebook


25. Todoroki Notebook

2815706 0

Todoroki Fire Notebook holding his arm.

Todoroki Notebook Fire


26. The Todoroki Notebook

2986933 0

The Todoroki Notebook


27. Explosive Quirk Notebook

3040207 0

Explosive Quirk Notebook


28. Cute Deku Notebook

6464242 0

Chibi Deku notebook sitting down with notepad.

Chibi Deku Notebook


29. Bakugo Smile Notebook

5529584 0

Bakugo Smile Notebook


30. Full Cowl Notebook

4739120 0

Full Cowl Notebook


31. Oops All Might Notebook

1811580 1

Oops All Might Notebook


32. The Bakugou Notebook

2986865 0

The Bakugou Notebook


33. Inasa Yoarashi Notebook

3584073 1

Inasa Yoarashi Notebook


34. Plus Ultra Notebook

2251715 1

Plus Ultra Notebook


35. Froppy Notebook

6636849 1

Froppy Notebook


36. Deku Notebook

7313636 1 1

Deku Notebook


37. United States of Smash Notebook

2490369 0

United States of Smash Notebook


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