Man Wearing Akatsuki Outfit Wanted by London Police For Racist Graffiti On School Wall

man wanted wearing akatsuki outfit camden

You can’t make this sh*t up. This winter seems to be attracting all kinds of madness involving anime in some way or another.

In the latest news a man wearing an Katsuki outfit from Naruto is wanted by the police.

The man is wearing the Akatsuki outfit that resembles Obito’s costume in particular. A high ranking and powerful Akatsuki member.


Akatsuki inspired criminal

akatsuki outfit naruto costume man wanted police

As reported by, a British newspaper:

Police are hunting a man dressed as a “manga” comic book character after racist graffiti was sprayed onto the side of a school in north London.

CCTV images show a figure wearing what appears to be a costume from the Japanese comic book series Naruto following the incident in Camden.

The person’s face is completely covered in the image.”

This is a once in a blue moon thing, especially here in the UK, but as anime and manga‘s popularity spreads, this might become more common.

Or you could put this all down to the #lockdown as people get more agitated with new life during the coronavirus pandemic.

No excuse for racism though. That’s a coward’s way of avoiding accountability.

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