2 Positive Life Lessons From Juvia Lockser

2 Positive Life Lessons From Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser, the water mage from Fairy Tail who’s in love with Gray Fullbuster.

There’s a couple life lessons to be learned from her role and characteristics in Fairy Tail.

In the beginning she starts out as a villain, and changes after being defeated by Gray.

And after her group – the element 4 are defeated by the Fairy Tail guild.

Here are 2 Positive Life Lessons From Juvia Lockser 


1. Positive changes can happen overnight 

2 positive life lessons from Juvia Lockser

Before Gray Fullbuster defeats Juvia in battle, she had no interest in being positive or living a positive lifestyle.

The Phantom Lord, the guy in charge of The Element 4, sent Juvia on a mission to kidnap Lucy Heartfilia.

And she did exactly that without any hesitation.

Then the day after being defeated by Gray and Fairy Tail, she had a change of heart and the rest is history.

She joined up with Fairy Tail to bring peace to the world, and to help and protect others from harm whenever she’s able.

Positive changes can happen overnight

The life lesson here is – it all comes down to the choices you make, and those choices can be made right now.

There’s no reason you can’t make the positive changes you want to make overnight.

As long as you’re serious enough about it.

2. It’s OK to express your true feelings


So many of us are scared to express our feelings to each other.

We’re scared of how others will react, how they’ll judge us, criticize us, and what they’ll say.

Juvia Lockser’s attitude is the complete opposite.

She has feelings for Gray, and nobody else.

And throughout the Anime – Fairy Tail, she never hesitates to express the feelings she has for him.

Even If other people might think she’s to open, optimistic, honest, or whatever.



Express your true feelings, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

Nobody will know how you feel if you keep everything to yourself and bottle it all up.


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